What are the signs of the end of the world according to Bible

The Bible says that at the end of time Jesus will come, the nations will be judged and whoever is saved will live with Him in Heaven forever ( Matthew 24: 30-31 ). Believers must be prepared because it can happen at any time. Jesus spoke of the signs of the end times that we can see.

The second coming of Jesus and the end of the world is a topic much talked about in the Bible. As it is so widespread among other things, it is difficult to organize and make sense of it all. But we can be certain about what will happen.

Jesus will come

Acts 1:11 says that Jesus will return in physical form in the same way that He ascended to Heaven after being resurrected. That day He will take believers to live with Him in Heaven ( 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17 ).

The dead will be raised and the people will be judged. Satan will be destroyed and the wicked who rejected Christ will go to Hell but those who love Jesus will have eternal life, without sadness or death ( Matthew 25: 31-46 ).

When the end comes, the Earth on which we now live will be destroyed ( 2 Peter 3: 7 ) and all things will be united in Christ ( Ephesians 1:10 ). So, our new perfect home will be in Heaven.

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What are the signs of the end times?

No one knows when the end will come, but the Bible gives us some signs to know when it is near. The Bible has an entire book dedicated to the events of recent times ( Revelation ) but Jesus summarized the signs in Matthew 24 . According to this chapter of the Bible:

  • Many will say that they are Jesus or that they are prophets (but they will be false), even doing miracles to deceive people, even some believers;
  • There will be wars between nations and threats of wars and we will hear about them;
  • There will be natural disasters, like earthquakes and famines in many places;
  • Believers will be persecuted, hated and some even killed;
  • There will be a lot of scandal, hatred and betrayal among people;
  • The wickedness of the world will be so great that many will be disappointed and will stop loving;
  • The Gospel will be preached to all peoples (but that does not mean that it will be accepted by all);
  • In Israel there will be a lot of turbulence, instability and war;
  • The world will go through a great tribulation like never before;
  • There will be signs in the sky and the sun and moon will not give light;
  • Many people will be taken by surprise.

There is much debate in Eschatology about the order of events and what has happened or is about to happen. In all historical times people have associated the signs of the Bible with the great events of the time, but it is necessary to be careful with interpretations, only God knows for sure. The signs serve more as a warning that one day it will happen. The important thing is to be prepared for when it happens.

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What should I do to prepare?

The end can come either 10 minutes or 1000 years from now, we don’t know. But we must not be afraid , the coming of the Kingdom of God is a good thing ( 1 Thessalonians 4:18 ).

If you have not yet accepted Jesus as your savior, you must do so in order to have eternal life, and if you have already accepted Him, you must continue to live the way God wants ( 2 Peter 3:11 ). It is always good to ask yourself “if Jesus comes now, will He approve of what I am doing?”

Don’t be fooled by false Christs and don’t be discouraged! Jesus comes and He loves you!


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