How to Shut Down PS4 Properly

Are you looking for a guide that explains how to turn off PS4 in the most correct way possible? Very well, you found it! In this tutorial we are going to show you all the various possibilities for switching off the console so as not to damage it. Are you ready? Great, take five minutes of free time and check out the next few lines. Let’s start!

How to turn off PS4

You have recently purchased a PS4 and you cannot understand why, when you try to turn it off, it enters sleep mode. In this case the console does not turn off completely, and this actually in the long run this could be a problem. In the following paragraphs we are going to list you in detail how to turn off PS4 , analyzing all the possibilities that the device offers us.

In fact, as you can see, there are several ways to succeed in your intent: you can use the appropriate button on the console, its user interface or even your smartphone / tablet (there is an ad hoc app made available by Sony) . The only thing you need to pay attention to: before turning off PS4, make sure that there are no floppy disks inside it and that no data is being saved or updates are being installed.

On / off button

Let’s start from the traditional method to turn off the PS4, that is to use the on / off button located on the front of the console (it is located next to the Sony and PS4 logos). To turn off the console, simply press and hold the button for about 6-7 seconds, which is the time needed to hear an acoustic signal.

Once this simple operation has been performed, the message “Preparing to shut down the PS4 …” will appear on the display connected to the console and the white LED on the back of the PlayStation will go off. So everything went well! And it wasn’t difficult at all, right?

Quick menu

An alternative procedure is represented by the use of the quick menu , present in your console. To use it, hold the PS button on the joystick (found on the central body of the controller, on which the PlayStation logo is shown), then – moving with the directional buttons of the DualShock – select the “Shutdown” item.

Press the button (x) on the controller to click on the selected item, then select the item “Turn off the PS4) from the menu that opens and confirm the operation by pressing the button (x) again. Now the “Preparing to shutdown the PS4 …” screen will appear and in a few seconds the console will turn off. Here too nothing so complex, right?

Function screen

Another possible way to understand how to turn off PS4 is the function screen. To proceed press the PS button on the DualShock in use and then press the “arrow up” button on it, then move to the menu with the directional button “right arrow” to go to the “Shutdown” button.

After selecting the latter, press on (x) on the controller: a screen will open from which you will have to select the “Turn off PS4″ item. Once you have selected this option, press again on (x) and wait a few seconds for the wording ” Preparing to shutdown the PS4 in progress “. You did!

How to turn off PS4 using smartphone or tablet

And finally, let’s see the procedure that must be followed to turn off the PS4 from your smartphone or tablet . First install the PS4 Second Screen app on your device, available on both Android and iOS . Now launch the application and make sure the console and device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

At this point follow the path Settings> Connection settings of the mobile app> Add Device and on the screen connected to the PS4 you can view the code with which you will pair the device to the console. Start the app, press on “Next”, press on “Confirm and continue” and finally on “Close”. Now select the PS4 you want to control remotely by pressing on its name.

At this point all you have to do is wait for the connection to take place, then enter the 8-digit numerical code in the appropriate text field and tap on the “Register” item. Now you can switch off: press the button of the same name located at the bottom right and then OK. As if by magic, the console will be turned off directly from your smartphone / tablet.

How to turn off PS4: conclusions

Now you should have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to turn off PS4 . We just have to meet you next time, good luck for everything!


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