How to invest in the stock exchange on GTA 5

Are you looking for a guide that explains how to invest in the stock market on GTA5 ? Very well, we are here to help you out! In this tutorial we are going to show you in detail the procedure for making stock investments within the popular game of Rockstar Games. These are not long or complex operations: in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent. Are you ready? Perfect, let’s go!

How to invest in the stock exchange on GTA5

GTA5 is still considered one of the best video games ever, both in terms of gameplay and graphic quality. Among the most “real” aspects present within the stock there is undoubtedly the fact that investments can be made on the stock exchange. By playing with the actions you can earn a lot of virtual money that can be used during the adventure.

If you came across this guide, it is because you are wondering how to invest in the stock market on GTA5 , and in the next few lines we will give you all the instructions to achieve the goal you have set yourself. This way you can also earn unlimited money! Not bad, right? But notice to the delays: here are our tips, happy reading!

How the stock exchange works on GTA5

Let’s start from a premise: within the GTA5 bag there are two main indices, namely the LCN (with a blue background and present only in single player mode) and the BAWSAQ (characterized by a green color). The performance of the actions varies according to the index of which they are part: for example, the variations of the LCN are linked to the storyline events and the choices of the different characters, while those of the BAWSAQ are influenced by the behavior of all the players of the world.

Obviously investments in GTA5 are simpler than those of real markets: the performance of the shares is quite predictable, therefore to earn we advise you to buy the securities downhill and sell those uphill. This applies when you are not completing a mission: in this case you can take advantage of the evolution of events to maximize your earnings by playing on the stock exchange.

At this point you are wondering how to invest in the stock market on GTA5 while you are on a mission. And we are here on purpose to reveal tricks and advice in this regard.

Earn money on GTA5 during missions

Lester Assassin Mission # 1 : this is a mandatory event in order to proceed in history, but in addition to this it can represent an excellent way to earn money by investing in the stock market. How to do? Just invest the money of the three protagonists in BettaPharmaceuticals before the mission “Assassino all’Hotel”. After about four days, the shares will go up 80%.

Lester’s Assassin Mission # 2 : this mission, called “Plural Assassination”, can also be used to earn a lot of money with investments in the stock exchange. Before activating it, invest the money of the Debonaire of the LCN index, after a few hours the shares will rise dramatically. But that’s not all: wait for the shares of Redwood, direct competitor of Debonaire, to start rising again after a huge descent. When the time has come, invest all your money on them: in a few hours their value will increase by 300%.

Mission Assassin n ° 3 of Lester : the mission in question is called “Bye Bye whoreman” and, to earn a lot of money, before starting it invest all your belongings in the FRUIT (abbreviation FRT, belonging to the BASWAQ index). After a few hours the associated actions will increase by double, while that of the competitor Facade will plummet. Once the shares of Fruit go up to the maximum, sell them and buy all the gain in those of the Facade: after a few days, their value will go up by 33%. You will become even richer.

Lester’s Assassin Mission # 4 : this mission is called “Bus Assassination”, and like all the other views so far it needs to complete the main storyline. To earn lots of good money, all you have to do is purchase the shares of Vapid (acronym VAP, BAWSAQ) after completing the mission. But be sure of one thing: they must have reached the value of 53 dollars each. The maximum yield, of around 100%, will occur in a couple of days.

Assassin Mission No. 5 of Lester : and here is the last mission from which you can earn a lot of dollars, called “Assassination at the construction site”. Before starting it, invest all the money in GoldCoast shares (abbreviation GCD, LCN index). After a couple of days they will increase by more than 80%.

How to invest on the stock exchange on GTA5: conclusions

Now you should have a complete and comprehensive overview on how to invest in the stock exchange on GTA5 . As you have noticed, to reach the maximum performance of an action you will have to wait a few days. If necessary, you can also think of speeding up the passage of time: to do this, just go to Trevor’s bed, access the save menu and save the game. In this way the time will advance by 12 hours, not bad right?

We just have to say goodbye and meet you next time, not before having reminded you that to get money on the stock market on GTA5 you can also take advantage of random events . Good fun!


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