What is shark fin soup

One of the most controversial dishes in the world, shark fin soup is a traditional Chinese delicacy. It is often sold at amazing prices as a luxury item in many Chinese restaurants and served on special occasions for Chinese weddings, banquets and official functions. Shark fin soup has a long and legendary history. For decades, a vast section of environmentalists, scientists, animal protection organizations and environmentalists have observed this dish with contempt because they believe that the indiscriminate hunting of sharks for their fins threatens shark populations around the world and also has effects. negative effects on marine ecosystems in the world.


The shark fin soup was a favorite of the Ming dynasty royals and also of the Qing dynasty. Although previously its use was mainly reserved for the royals, nobles and rich merchants, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the use of shark fin soup became more widespread among the Chinese population. Today, with the growing wealth of the Chinese middle class, more and more people are able to afford expensive shark fins to prepare soups, stews or stir-fried dishes. The soup is served on formal and informal special occasions and is seen as a symbol of wealth, status and honor in society. Serving shark fin soup is considered an appreciative show for guests of informal or formal parties.

Taste and popularity

Shark fin soup is a popular dish in many Chinese restaurants around the world. In China, a survey conducted by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) revealed that almost 83% of the participants had consumed shark fin soup at some point in their lives. Those who have tasted shark fin soup claim that it is practically tasteless but has a smooth and smooth texture. The flavor comes from the soup, but the high price tag associated with the shark fin makes it very coveted and desirable among the masses. Ancient Chinese texts and traditional Chinese medicinal accounts state that shark fin soup is associated with multiple health benefits. There are claims that consumption of shark fins increases sexual desires, protects against heart disease, provides vital energy and increases appetite. A part of shark fin consumers also believes that its consumption keeps cancer at bay.

Health impacts

Although traditional Chinese medicine claims that shark fins have innumerable health benefits, modern scientific research suggests otherwise. Only one study was conducted on the effect of shark fin on cancer that demonstrated the ineffectiveness of shark fin in treating cancer. Research has also shown that shark fins are not nutritious and almost vitamin-free. In contrast, modern medical research claims that shark fins are actually unhealthy food options for people. Because sharks are one of the ocean’s best predators, large amounts of mercury accumulate in their bodies due to bioaccumulation and biomagnification. When humans feed on the body parts of these sharks,

Environmental impacts and animal cruelty

Very little attention is paid to animal welfare in shark fin extraction. Sharks caught by the ocean are dragged onto the boats or ships where the fins are cut and then the animal, writhing in pain, is thrown back into the ocean, left to die, unable to swim, hunt and survive. This also threatens the survival of sharks and decimates shark populations in large numbers. This practice has been condemned by many international organizations for animal conservation and welfare such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the man who whispered to the shark, attached wings and shark angels.

In response to protests around the world and based on sustainability issues, many restaurants, food chains and supermarkets in China and other parts of the world sell shark fins and serve shark fin preparations, have stopped the practice. For example, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts and the University of Hong Kong have removed the dish from the restaurant or cafe menu. In Malaysia, shark fin soup portions have been banned from official functions. Many states in the United States have banned the trade in shark fins. The Shark Conservation Act signed in 2011 by US President Barack Obama has also helped protect sharks from finning. Other countries have also taken significant measures against the ban on shark fin soups.

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