What is Share? Some general information about shares

In English, the meaning of share or shareholding is proprietary. Usually a share is a small part of a company’s ownership. Any investor who buys a company shares can be a shareholder of that company. The stock is also called stock.

Share capital is the total capital of any company. This total capital is divided by its money as 1 rupees.

For example, if a company has a total capital of Tk 20 crore, then the total number of shares of that company will be 2 crore if it is divided as Tk. Basically a share is the smallest share of a company’s capital.

If a person buys a share of a company, he will be a partial owner of the company. If a company has 2 million shares, if one buys 100,000 shares, then he owns 5 percent of the company.

Although shares are generally of two types, we generally know Audeniari shares as shares. There is no circulation of preference shares. Although some companies have recently dropped preference shares, they have not yet been listed on the DSE or CSE. Concerned: The reason why the new investor eats the stock market

Some general information about shares

  • Buying shares in a company means that you are a partial owner of that company.
  • In the Big Year, on average, a company pays 5 percent of its profits. Again a company has a record of more than 5% profit from the stock. Likewise, there is a 5% capital-like share.
  • Buying a share does not mean that you will make a profit.
  • You can buy as many shares as you want from any company.

By buying shares of a company you can make a profit and then lose. Therefore, the company should invest in knowing the information well.


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