What are the shades of orange color

Color resulting from the mixture between yellow and red , the color orange and all its 45 cataloged tones , are seen by some people, as well as the famous singer Frank Sinatra, as the happiest color of all.

Linked to more trivial issues, such as heat, fire, energy, fun and adventure, orange also means love, humility, prosperity and even the sacred according to some cultures, such as those of the East.

Just like yellow, orange, because it is a color that wants to draw a lot of attention, divides opinions and hardly causes ambiguity . Who likes, loves. But those who don’t like it, hate the color.

Orange tones

With a total of 45 tones cataloged, many of the shades of orange have colors close to the color of the earth, while others are very drawn to yellow and red, which can end up confusing some people.

This color has 45 different shades (Photo: depositphotos)

These are some of the main shades of orange: carrot, ocher, Indian yellow, shrimp red, fox red, copper, tenné, salmon, peach, pumpkin, papaya, coral, tangerine, sunset and tangerine.

Etymology of orange

Originating in the regions between India and the southeast of the Himalayas, the fruit that comes from the orange trees was responsible for giving the color its current name.

Initially referred to in Old English as  geoluhread  (yellow-red in free translation), studies show that the name “orange” appeared in the English language in the 13th century.

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The term came to be used to designate color in 1512, at the court of King Henry VIII of England. The name orange comes from the Sanskrit term  nāraṅgaḥ , which means the tree from which the oranges come

Curiosities about the color orange

The orange in reiki

According to therapy reiki Buddhist tradition that promotes healing by manipulating the universal life energy ( Ki ) with his hands, the orange is related to the umbilical chakra , which is located two fingers below the navel.

The orange chakra governs affective and sexual relationships . For Reikians, coloring controls our emotional balance and helps to enlarge the mind so that it is receptive to new ideas.

Orange is related to the umbilical chakra (Photo: depositphotos)

In addition, in reiki, the color orange also has physical effects, the main ones being: stimulating the respiratory system, assisting in calcium fixation, increasing sexual tone and treating food-related disorders and allergies.

Orange on Halloween

Undoubtedly one of the main symbols, if not the biggest, the famous Halloween, is the lit pumpkins. It is no coincidence that orange, along with purple and black are used to represent the festivity.

In addition to symbolizing vitality, energy and strength, the color refers to autumn , the season that gives orange or yellowish tones to the leaves and that happens between September and December, which is when Halloween happens.

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