Sexless marriage: sure tips for dealing with this situation

Relationships are important, but sometimes complicated.

However, marriage can be even more complex than dating.

With a more serious and demanding commitment, like a marriage, some situations can arise, such as a sexless marriage.

Do you go through this?

So check out sure tips to deal with this situation! In this text I will talk about:

  • After all, what is considered a sexless marriage?
  • What are the main reasons for a sexless marriage

After all, what is considered a sexless marriage?

Look, it is wrong to think that there is an exact number to define what is normal and what is not in the number of times a couple has sex.

However, the average is that married people have sex 2-3 times a week. Although many do not even come close to this reality, as they spend weeks and even months without any sexual intercourse.

In such cases, sexless marriage can indeed damage the couple’s life and relationship.

But even in the face of this, it is possible to find ways to deal with it better, and even to continue and restore the happiness and harmony of the marital relationship.

What are the main reasons for a sexless marriage?

There is no single reason why a couple should not have sex. But here are some of the main reasons for a sexless marriage:

Lack of libido

Namely, the lack of libido is one of the causes for sexless marriage – and this can occur with both men and women.

The unwillingness to have sex can be motivated by several factors, such as unregulated hormones; stress; problems in other areas of life ; lack of admiration for the partner and even marital fights.

Health problems

Some health problems can affect sexual desire and pleasure, facilitating disinterest in having sex with a spouse.

Health conditions that can cause lack of sexual interest:

  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Anemia;
  • Infections;
  • Endometriosis.

How to solve?

However, in any case where the person does not know the reason for the lack of sexual interest, it is necessary to go to a doctor for a general health assessment, ok?

Boring sex

Often, sex within a marriage becomes routine, isn’t it? This is normal, especially in relationships of many years.

However, this is not even complicated to solve, see? It is just a matter of innovation – at least in most cases.

How to solve?

Monotony in marriage is common, but you can turn it around! Do you want?

In this video on my channel, I talk about how you can surprise your love with a new position and get your marriage out of that boring sex.

Look, you and your partner need to understand that, like everything in life, sex is also something that needs to be innovated over the years.

If you or your partner are not very creative when it comes to sex or even prejudiced about certain positions, you need to reevaluate this issue and see if it is not just a silly fear.

Extramarital relationship

Another reason for a sexless marriage is that one spouse, or even both, has an extramarital relationship !

Anyway, it is not uncommon to find married people who no longer feel like having sex with their partners, as they are cheating with someone else .

How to solve?

This is a difficult situation.

After all, in addition to involving the couple, it also involves third parties.

In this case, it is worth the maxim: the combination is not expensive!

Thus, if the betrayed spouse accepts the situation, an agreement must be reached regarding the resumption of the couple’s sexual life.

However, most women, and especially men, do not accept this situation.

In many cases, it ends with the end of the extramarital relationship. Marriage can be resumed, as can the sex life of married couples.

In that case, it will be necessary to work on forgiveness and forget the past, so that this fact does not compromise the future of marriage, ok?

Body shame

This is generally more common in women, who, out of shame, avoid having sex with their partners.

Over the years, changes in the male body, and especially in the female body, prevent one of the spouses from having an active and happy sex life.

When a woman goes through a pregnancy or the normal normal aging of the body, some changes in the skin and in her appearance in general can be noticed.

Thus, many are embarrassed to have sex with their partners in a full and healthy way.

How to solve?

If you are a woman who is ashamed of her body and therefore avoids intimate contact with her partner, it is necessary to work on this .

Thus, the ideal is to check the reasons for your discomfort with your body.

So try to address this issue. In fact, there are several treatments that can help improve self-esteem .

With that, a sexless marriage for body shame will no longer be part of your life.

Marriage maintained by children

Sometimes, the couple can maintain the marriage just by having children together, but without love between man and woman.

Thus, the sexual desire can disappear and, consequently, leave one or both partners frustrated with the sexual life.

How to solve?

This cause of sexless marriage is complex to resolve, as many do not separate for children who are small.

However, it is necessary to assess whether an unhappy relationship is really worth living – even if it is done by the children.

If the relationship cannot be saved, the ideal is for the couple to separate more quietly and without leaving the children traumatized or apprehensive about the new reality.

Sex is used as a bargain

In many relationships, sex is used with a bargaining chip, that is, a way of bargaining with the partner.

In fact, this behavior is harmful and harmful not only for sex, but also for marriage and other areas of life!

How to solve?

Even though many people do not think that using sex as a bargain is such a bad thing, it must be understood that this behavior causes stress and manipulation in the marriage.

That is, it is something harmful and in the long run it can cause the relationship to end. So, if you or your partner use sex as a bargaining chip, you need to stop that attitude!

Anyway, it is best to have a frank conversation and define that a change of behavior must be made so that sex is reestablished and the marriage is in harmony again .

If this type of bargaining doesn’t stop, the tendency is for one of the spouses to stress to the point of asking for the separation.

Therefore, it is best to avoid this situation, see?

Pleasure is seen as sin

Many religions see sex as a sin.

How to solve?

When it comes to religion it is difficult to give an opinion. After all, it is something that must be respected.

Men or women should assess what is comfortable or not for them. In short, it is best to keep the dialogue open for possible solutions for this case to be resolved in the best way for the couple. Remember: always maintaining the harmony of the relationship, huh!

However, if the case is prejudice, machismo or conservatism, it is necessary to assess whether these opinions are worth the couple’s happiness.

But if not, it is best to reinvent yourself and enjoy sex as it should be, with all the intensity and pleasure possible. Stay away from a sexless marriage!

Anxiety about sexual performance

Another reason why sex is impaired in marriage is anxiety and fear of not having a good sexual performance.

Namely, men suffer even more from this situation than women, many deal with premature ejaculation , which ends up making the situation even more embarrassing.

How to solve?

If your partner has anxiety, a good conversation can help you to be more calm and calm during sex, improving your sexual performance.

If premature ejaculation is the case, the ideal is to seek medical help and perform techniques that help to minimize and eliminate this problem. But in spite of everything, if you are the one who is anxious during sex, find out the cause of that anxiety!

If it is for something your partner does or says , talk to him and say that you are uncomfortable with certain comments or practices.

In fact, it is important to know that the open conversation between the couple and the search for solutions is always the best way to solve problems of a sexless marriage!

After all, using erotic products can help warm up your relationship! Enough sexless marriage!

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