How to set up a dog pen: useful tips

The dog fence is less trivial than it may seem, considering the well-being of our four-legged friend. You have to think about the right measures and the right set-up, to make sure that our dog is enticed to live in his enclosure and willingly spends his time there. Only by doing so will we make the enclosure useful for the purpose we had set for ourselves.

So let’s see a series of practical tips to set up a kennel for outdoor dogs in a perfect way.

Dog fence: how to design it and what it takes to build it

The first step in designing the space dedicated to our four-legged friend is to understand the measurements well , to then get the right amount of necessary material.

Let’s start by saying that there are some regulations to take into account when you decide to build a enclosurefor your dog: it is not a matter of national laws, which in any case punish mistreatment, but of regional regulations for kennels and farms, which also apply to pets.

Normally, for dogs of less than 20kg, reference is made to a size of 8sqm of surface for a decent enclosure: for each additional dog 2sqm must be added, while for animals over 20kg the space doubles.

It will then be important to allocate a part of this space to a covered fence area for dogs , perhaps with the help of somedoghouses prefabricated, to ensure that the animal can shelter from the elements.

Also to prevent the consequences of bad weather, it would also be useful to understand how to pave a dog fence , perhaps with wood or tiles. By doing so, we not only help our four-legged friend, but we also facilitate and increase the cleaning and overall comfort of the fence .

Then, of course, there will be the fundamental part, consisting of the actual metal fence , which serves to delimit the area and prevent the dog from escaping. Depending on the size, you will have to opt for the most suitable measures, but it must be said that usually these networksthey have a height of a couple of meters. If we do not want to use a net, it is also possible to enclose the area with wooden or wood-like PVC fences.

Building the dog pen

Given the elements necessary to design our dog enclosure, we can now move on to the stages of the actual realization .

The first thing to do is to find the 4 extreme corners of the perimeter that we want to use and, subsequently, dig some holes that will be used to insert the support poles to the net. These posts are then also inserted in the middle of each side of the fence, to favor the stability of a structure that will certainly be subjected to considerable dynamic stress.

After digging the holes and fixing the poles inside them with concrete, it is then time to dig a small track about 15 cm deep from pole to pole , thus creating the design of the perimeter of our four-legged friend legs.

At this point, we use the net along the entire track,  fix it near the poles with strong wire and throw some more concrete into the track, to make the net even more stable.

Finally, we move on to the installation of the hinges and the latch on the pole chosen for the positioning of the entrance door of the enclosure . Subsequently, the construction can be completed with the installation of a flooring and a small structure that will allow the dog to remain covered and safe from rain, heat and cold.

Dog enclosure cleaning and general set-up

The dog is a sociable animal and for him being closed in a confined space can represent a suffering: if we therefore need to keep him isolated for a while,  he will not have to experience the enclosure as a punishment or a constraint. For this very reason, one of the main things to look out for is the overall comfort of the fence anyway, so that your dog will appreciate staying inside.

In addition to proper cleaning, it is also essential to know how to disinfect the dog’s fence , to keep it safe from parasites that could lurk outside and attack it. There are specific products for cleaning both kennels and bowls for dogs suitable for the outdoors, which with their use will not affect the quality of the effects of your four-legged friend.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is therefore what to put in the dog’s pen to make sure that it is enticed to enter and spend time there.

To get him used to the fact that this is not a punishment, as well as spending time inside with him, it is useful to let him find his favorite toys so that he can pass the time, in case he gets bored of being locked in the fence. However, let us remember that, due to its nature,  the dog loves to run and play and therefore we cannot leave it too long in its, albeit beautiful and comfortable, golden fence!


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