September and skincare: do this after tanning

The skin is one of the “weak points” after the age of 50: wrinkles and imperfections appear and a nice tan tends to improve our appearance more than ever. However, the sun can put stress on the skin. Here’s how to replenish and regenerate the skin of the face and body after the summer.

If you don’t get a tan you look ugly, if you get a tan you feel guilty because the sun – they say – hurts your skin. But what is the right attitude towards tan and, above all, can something be done to take care of the skin after the summer ?

In this article you will find some good rules to restore the balance of your larger organ after a season that led you to discover yourself more, to spend days outdoors, certainly exposing yourself more to UV rays.

In this post we will talk about:

  • Sunny yes, but in moderation
  • The right skin care after the holidays… starts earlier
  • Skin after tanning: regain health
  • If in doubt, do not worry and ask the specialist

Sunny yes, but in moderation

Menopause or not, this is a golden rule to always keep in mind.

Exposure to sunlight is vital for many functions : you already know how much time outdoors with bare legs and arms is essential to ensure bone health, especially after the age of 50. Likewise, being exposed to light promotes a good mood and regular sleep-wake rhythm, another sore point of the menopausal years.

However, too prolonged exposure and without adequate protection can lead to serious damage that can worsen over the years.

The  immediate damage  may occur with erythema ,  sunburn  or  rash . They are particularly annoying but also easily solved. The effects that occur in the long run , on the other hand, can be permanent: by acting in depth, the sun’s rays can cause brown spots ,  keratosis  (thickening of the skin),  premature aging and other more silent modifications. If exposure continues, the sun’s rays could predispose to the development of melanoma .

So what is the “middle ground”?

  • Sun yes, in moderation. If you love being in the sun like a lizard, you prefer the hours of sunset or sunrise
  • Never direct sun in the hours closest to the Zenith and with the right protection (therefore no from 12 to 15)
  • always use an SPF 50 cream throughout the season. You will tan anyway, more slowly, but without getting burned.

The right skin care after the holidays… starts earlier

When you return from the summer holidays you will be rested, but your skin will not. A nice deep tan means that now, back to “city” clothes, your skin needs rest, a special, super moisturizing treatment and less sun. In fact, during your days outdoors, the body has produced and secreted melanin , a substance that serves to protect the skin from the sun. When this protective film is no longer needed, the macrophages will intervene to eliminate it and the tan will begin to fade, shower after shower.

Skin that peels, the appearance of spots, or a dull and firm appearance can be the result of poor hydration during exposure to the sun .

So already when you are at the beach or struggling with a tan you should remember to drink a lot and use creams that can ensure – together with protection – also good hydration. Apply them sparingly and several times a day. If you are at the beach, remember to always take a shower after a bath because salt water could help dry out the skin even more. Apply sunscreen again after a shower.

And when the holidays are over and you’re back home, continue your hydration routine constantly because it will help you to make your tan last a little longer as well as restore the right pulp to your skin.

Skin after tanning: regain health


It’s easy! Request a video conference interview from your home with an experienced menopausal gynecologist near you.


When you are at home it is time to give your complexion a respite , not just that of the face, but of the whole body. The rules are few, but they will help you find your balance and repair minor sun damage. If, on the other hand, you have been burned more seriously, we recommend that you consult your dermatologist to understand how to help your skin regain its health .

  1. Cleanse and exfoliate gently

When the skin has been under the sun for a while, it becomes more fragile, drier and thinner , and if you are already in menopause this effect is accentuated by the lack of estrogen , physiological during the period, which can also lead to these consequences (think to what also happens to the mucous membranes, think of Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy !). What you can do therefore is to use a cleanser for delicate skin, creamy and not grainy , which respects the natural protective film of the skin but which can clean deeply. Remember that gentle exfoliation is essential to eliminate dead skin cells. It will surely take away the tan toobut this step is essential for the health of the skin and to re-establish a balance by promoting cell regeneration .

  1. Mild and neutral soaps for shower and shampoo

Pay attention to the choice of soaps to use in the shower. Remember that the skin is an extended organ that absorbs as well as secretes, so the molecules contained in soaps can also have an impact on skin care . Choose an after-sun refreshing soap that doesn’t contain chemicals and isn’t too acidic. Prefer something specific for mature skin . Attention also to shampoo: frequent washing, bathing in the sea and wind can also dry the skin of the head too much and give rise to itching, dandruff and discomfort. If it is very itchy, you can apply moisturizing oil in the evening before bed and wash your hair the next morning.

  1. Watch out for make-up

The same attention must be paid to daily make-up: make sure that the products are delicate and “fresh”, that is, that they are not those lipsticks closed in your beauty case from the year before and that you continue to use. All cosmetics have an expiry date which is usually indicated on the label in the form of the maximum time of use once opened. Remember to apply a generous dose of moisturizer before any other makeup.

  1. Supplement with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals

Not only directly on the skin, the beneficial substances can also be taken with food and enter the circulation improving the overall appearance . If you want a healthy and healthy skin after the summer , therefore,  bring to the table foods that contain a good supply of antioxidants  to counteract premature aging and those  rich in vitamin C and minerals  that help produce collagen and hyaluronic acid. Perfect red fruits such as blueberries, currants, the first citrus fruits, sweet potatoes (they maintain the right levels of hydration), avocado (contains Omega 3) and peppers, very moisturizing and low in calories. Limit foodswhich contain refined raw materials such as sugars, white pasta, while you can overdo it with tomatoes, cucumbers and onions , natural anti-inflammatories that will help you regain balance even in the skin.

If in doubt, do not worry and ask the specialist

The doctor can and must become your great ally when you need him. Just as we very often remember to consult your trusted gynecologist when the first intimate disorders appear , in the same way we recommend that you ask your general practitioner for information who can direct you to a dermatologist or to a specific treatment for your skin type.


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