Seek help or face problems alone?

We live in a time of distrust and self-sufficiency, in which the human being increasingly isolates himself in his universe, especially with regard to concepts and inner life. The fact that we are immersed in this world of superficiality prevents us and blindly from seeing, many times, what is obvious.

The problem is that our blindness always comes with justifications of ideals and ideas, which take the place of the truth and, in the end, prevent us from seeing the Truth. Imagine you are trapped in a burning room with all the windows locked and the only exit door stuck. You are inhaling that toxic smoke and you will not endure long in this place, until you lose consciousness and pass out and, with any luck, do not die. Right now, do you think you need help or not? I believe that you will agree that external assistance, at this time, is sorely needed.

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Well, so are we when we are immersed in our catastrophic, dysfunctional, unrealistic thoughts; when we are inserted in a problem that takes us out of “orbit” and we are hostage to our emotions. These problems happen in our lives more often than we think, and a look from the outside can be essential to get out of this tragic picture. Having humility to seek help is something we need to learn to do, because, as I said, in this time of self-sufficiency and pride, asking for help has a humbling tone. But we are wrong when we think like that, because, many times, whoever is outside this smoke-filled room sees and breathes better than the one who doesn’t know if he will survive.

It is not any help that can help you

However, it is extremely important to know that it is not any help that can help us in the face of these difficult days. It is necessary to be a qualified person, be it in the field of health , as a psychologist or psychiatrist, or in the spiritual dimension, being a spiritual director. There is a specialist for each pain. Assess only if that person you sought help with is in front of you, in some way, in the line of maturity. Because only those in front of us are able to help us on this way out.

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Do what is proposed, even if it hurts, because to get out of this room you will need to violate yourself and have strengths that you thought you no longer have. Whenever we start a treatment, the first days are chaotic, it seems that everything got worse, because all the smoke is before my eyes and there is no way out. Until everything settles down and the exit door is open before our eyes, just waiting for us to get up and cross the one that seemed impassable.

So, do not be afraid or ashamed to ask for help, as it is necessary. Just be careful with your choices, as they may also come in disguise, and you may not even realize that you are being led to another room, closed, dark and full of smoke. Be judicious and observe if the one who helps you lives the truth and the goodness that the human being needs so much. You, seeing this in his life, hope will spring up in you and help will come.


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