Contribution of social networks in quarantine time

We know that the speed with which information spreads, in a technological and social network world, is immense and sweeps the world in seconds. What, before, would take hours or days to reach the knowledge of the other, today, in just one touch it becomes known to millions of people.

The old cordless phone prank can become dangerous, catastrophic, inhumane, unrealistic and panic-stricken. As we have read, many times, in the last days: I died with the information or misinformation I had. Do you know that story of hearing say, that someone said and was proven by the speech of a third party? Yes, it is about this danger that we talk about. The power of fake news or fake news is especially dangerous and can destroy people.

It is worthwhile, however, to look at social networks as a rich and even fun way of entertainment and information, provided the sources are consulted.

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Tips for using social media well, especially at this time

Using a resource well says taking the best that it can offer us and using it wisely and discerning. That is the main lesson we can draw from this time.

Another rich contribution of social networks is the power to bring people together: to their children, who are far from their parents; the brothers who talk to each other; schoolmates who, without seeing each other, miss each other; those who work in the health field and have avoided being close to their families ; those who are in hospitals and, due to hospitalization, communicate with their families. All of this is rich, it is a source of love and care, it is the healthy way in which social networks bring us together.

It is worth a very important tip: avoid spending all day on social networks, do not have this medium as the only source of information. Try to mix your time in other tasks and responsibilities of your day, because any type of excess is harmful in our life.

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Try to distract yourself!

Take the time to select your favorite content : information, entertainment, updates and pastimes. All of this can be experienced, taking into account the points that we highlight.

Being in social distance , isolation or even for those who need to take to the streets to work, the three situations cause concern and significant mood changes: the uncertainty of the future, the altered financial condition, and several concerns that we could highlight here are hanging around each one of us.

It is natural and healthy, even, that we look for sources of distraction, of tension relief: orientation videos, music , a gigantic universe of information. It is a very important reminder: use it with awareness, moderation and with that good filter to select what can add value to your life and principles.


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