How to see Hours of Play on PlayStation

Have you ever wondered how to see hours of gameplay on PlayStation to quantify your “efforts” and check the time spent on PS4?
Don’t worry, we’re here! Through our guide you will discover the operations that are needed to identify how many minutes and hours you spend in front of your favorite game.

The operation is not very difficult but there are some tricks that help us a lot (through which to save many minutes) and that must be learned.
The steps will be explained in a basic way but if you have any doubts you can contact us on our Social.

How to see Hours of Play on PlayStation

First of all it is good to remember that it is not always possible to see the hours of play on PS4 because it is Sony that has to decide when and how to show the statistics to its users.
It is also true that if we are already prepared, at the time of the release of this possibility, understanding how to see hours of play on the PlayStation will become trivial.

To be even more precise we can tell you that there are also sites outside the official ones that show the hours of play in a less precise way but that can still be useful for statistical purposes.

Well, let’s not waste any more time and explore this world. Do you think you have played little or too much? Let’s find out now through our dedicated guide.

How many hours of gameplay have I done on PS4

One of the official methods to see how many hours of gameplay we have done on PS4 and on PlayStation in general is to go to the official statistics website.

Enter the HomePage of the Sony site dedicated to the Play sector and log in to your account (if you do not have an account go to the paragraph after dedicated to unofficial methods).

Here you will find (when Sony decides to provide this information) a page dedicated to user statistics that will indicate the number of titles and the total hours for each game.

Usually the information concerns a calendar year (e.g. 2020 only) but among the possibilities we also find other useful info such as the number of days we used the PS4, the number of hours played online and offline and the number of trophies won .

There are also other statistics that may interest us such as the game in which we spent more time or days, the number of games downloaded from the Playstation Plus and many other small info related to how to see hours of play on the Playstation.

Unfortunately, as we said before, this kind of information is conditioned by Sony (which usually provides it once a year) so there is no real official procedure but we have to wait for the approval of the “boss”.

How to see gameplay hours on PS4

Another method of discovering this info is directly related to the single game.
In fact, for some titles there is a section dedicated to the number of hours played and the type of use of the game.

You can know which is the most played mode, which is the least appreciated and we are often also shown the records and other less important statistics.
Unfortunately it is not a complete report and it is only dedicated to the PS4 game that we are “devouring”.

This is not a precise and complete method, in fact we will only see the hours of play that we have made for the single title, but it can give us an idea of ​​how many efforts we have made to complete our game.

To conclude, the only official method that allows us to understand how to see hours of play on PlayStation is to wait for the news of Sony (which often ties a prize event or a promotional video)

Hoping that our article has been useful to you we leave you other guides dedicated to the world of Play and we remind you that on our social networks you can request a guide dedicated to your favorite theme.


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