SCVHOST.exe virus

SCVHOST.exe VIRUS : Trojan computer virus that tends to be confused with the SVCHOST.exe file found in Windows 2000 , XP and Vista operating systems .


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  • 1 Characteristics of the Virus
    • 1 W32 / Agobot-S information
  • 2 Steps to remove the virus manually
  • 3 Source

Characteristics of the Virus

scvhost.exe is a process that registers as the [[W32 / Agobot-S virus]]. This is a Trojan virus that allows attackers to access the system from remote locations, can steal passwords , Internet banking accounts and personal data. The process is a security risk and must be urgently removed from the system.

W32 / Agobot-S Information

Known bugs :

  • You can disable the Windows Registry, avoiding its modification
  • You can disable Task Manager
  • It can consume system resources ( RAM, CPU)
  • System: No
  • Network use: Yes
  • Background: Yes
  • Aliases: Autorun.inf
  • ini

Steps to remove the virus manually

Applications to be used to remove a virus manually with the run option (Windows + R):

  • MSCONFIG (System Configuration Utility)
  • TASKMGR ( Windows TaskManager)
  • CMD (Command Prompt)
  1. Write to execute MSCONFIG to recognize the virus, in the start tab you see what starts with Windowsand also the virus (mostly viruses are copied in SYSTEM32) (by default what is enabled is CFTMONand the antivirus normally)

This virus is similar to the original SVCHOST, they are distinguished by the 2nd and 3rd LETTER, in MSCONFIG / INICIO it will be displayed ASI:

scvhostC: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ scvhost.exe (The VIRUS and LOCATION are identified with this address)

  1. With the option execute write: TASKMGR (task manager) Search for the name of the VIRUS “scvhost.exe” and click on END PROCESS.

3 With the option run, open the CMD (it is a black screen), and write the following:

del / s / q C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ scvhost.exe and press ENTER, the virus will be E DELETED !!!

Everything will vary depending on the VIRUS and the LOCATION.


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