Almost everything that a person eats was originally produced in agriculture. But agricultural products are not only food products. For example, raw materials for the production of fabrics – various fibers – are also obtained from plants (for example, cotton and flax) or from animals (sheep’s wool). Farmers and agronomists , working in the field of agriculture, feed and clothe humanity.

The agronomist uses scientifically based methods in his work and puts the cultivation of plants in agriculture on a scientific footing. This specialist planshow and when to start field work and when to finish it, what should be done in the field and how, develops work schedules. When and what fertilizers to apply, what seeds to sow, how much to water, whether to treat plants with pest control – such questions are solved by the agronomist.

To check whether everything is going well, agronomists go out into the field and often do the necessary work themselves. Also, the concern of the agronomist can be not only to get a large and high-quality crop, but also to preserve it until it is transferred for sale or processing. Some of these professionals are engaged in scientific work , develop new technologies for growing plants or evaluate the effectiveness of new varieties of crops.

Farmer– This is an entrepreneur in agriculture, a person who maintains a farm on his own or leased land. He is engaged in farm management , the activity of which can be connected with agriculture, and with animal husbandry, and with poultry farming, etc.
In order to properly organize a farm on which animals will be healthy, breed and give the right amount of product, as in crop production, knowledge of special technologies, equipment, scientifically based ways to solve typical problems are needed.

The farmer maintains the good condition of his farm, organizing the work of hired workers, independently performs certain work, decides how to organize production more profitably, plans the need for procurement: new equipment, feed, seeds and animals. Also, the farmer can market products that were produced on the farm.

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