5 Universal Science facts You Must Know

5 Universal Science facts  can be summarized as follows:These amazing science facts will astonish you every where. These are Universally acknowledged facts.

Science is based on observable facts.

It assumes that two observers can come to an agreement on what these facts are and agree or disagree about what their significance is. Certain types of personally appropriated knowledge, such as feelings and intuition, are beyond the scope of scientific investigation.

2. Science is a generalizing activity.

The point is not simply to count and measure, but also to link discrete but related items together into ordered patterns. In this way a “fact” is explained. One could argue that these generalizations should in turn be subsumed by an even more general statement, and so on, until a broad, encompassing theory is constructed. The factual base, however, must never be lost, and even the most abstract conceptualizations should have some empirical reference by which they can be tested.

3. Science is logical.

It utilizes both inductive and deductive logic. The generalizations must be internally consistent, and contradictions among hypotheses must be resolved. The implications of related general statements must be logically consistent. 4. Science is open-ended. Revision constantly occurs. Statements can never be proven (or, for that matter, disproven) in any final sense. At times, this revision may be incremental, that is, based on the careful elaboration of basically accepted propositions. At other times, the revision may be quite fundamental, causing the whole perspective of a science to shift, as in the abandonment of a geocentric for a heliocentric view of the solar system or, more recently, in the subsuming of the Newtonian by the Einsteinian view of the physical universe. Scientific “truth” is always provisional and never dogmatic.

5. Science has some non-logical” characteristics.

Many of the real advances in scientific thought come through the intuitive insights of thinkers of great genius. They are then able to transform these insights into scientifically acceptable terms that can be understood by their less gifted fellows and ultimately supported by empirical evidence.


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