How to scare away flies and mosquitoes

In the following article we will show you some effective tricks to scare away flies and mosquitoes  in the home, space or office! If you know any other method, do not hesitate to comment on the comments in this article.

How to scare away flies

Bag with Vodka (or some type of strong ethyl alcohol)

This is an excellent way to scare away or repel flies either from our home or office and even from our body, whether you hang small bags in the windows or at the entrance of the house strategically or with the help of a “ splash ”or using the help of a milkweed to apply a little on the skin.

The smell will  completely scare them away . Serve very well if you go to a place with many flies.

Onion juice

Blend half an onion with a splash of lemon or vinegar, pour it into a spray container, spread a little on the windows and doors. The flies are quite sensitive to both aromas, this will keep them away , when the aroma passes it repeats the same action.

Camphor tree

In case you have an orchard or sowing we recommend you plant a camphor tree. It will keep flies and other annoying insects away from home space or office.

Clean the floor with vinegar

In case of having an outbreak of flies in the house, an excellent way to scare them away is to clean the soil with a mixture between two parts of water and one of vinegar, clean the soil with the mixture, do not remove.

Fly traps

Funnel trap

Place a little of some pretty sweet fruit (mango, banana, peach, etc.,) or even a candy inside a bottle, help the fly to enter by placing the bottle horizontally, be aware that the fly has entered the bottle, lift it up and place a funnel, it is assumed that the fly will not be able to leave.

Plastic bottle trap

This trap does not want more efforts and the materials are usually available to anyone even by recycling some things or looking in the trash, if as the name says the trap is based on a plastic bottle, extremely effective to eliminate large numbers of flies , you will need well:


  • Plastic bottle (The small one works, but if you want a bigger trap get a half-liter or a liter, this can be a bottle of some sugary soda)
  • Sugar (four tablespoons or more)
  • Yeast (10 or up to 30 grams)
  • Self Adherent Tape (preferably black)
  • A piece of medium-sized cloth (black color)

Cut the bottle at least four fingers in half, keep the top, it will be useful for the operation of the trap.

Heat some tap water, wait for it to boil, reduce the intensity of the fire, add the four tablespoons of sugar, stir, let it cool. Once at room temperature add the yeast.

Place the black cloth inside the bottle as an inner lining, without a lid and with the top side facing up, leave the part of the bottle outlet inside the container and the fabric.

You will have an infallible trap to scare away flies easily quickly and without spending money on it, add the water with the sugar and yeast inside the bottle.

This trap works by deceiving the insect with two things that it likes a lot, the carbon dioxide we expel and the darkness, the carbon dioxide would be released by the yeast in very small amounts.

Change the water every week, you must renew the emanations of dioxide from time to time. This trap is quite effective. Repeat the procedure every one or two weeks.

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