How to scan document in Android cell phone

When we have to scan an urgent document, or an invoice, image or some family photos and we do not have a scanner at our disposal; and it is that until recently, only any type of document could be scanned in a printer. But, thanks to Android mobiles , its camera and scanning applications, this is no longer a difficulty, there are several apps that can be installed on your Smartphone, and thus be able to scan different types of documents, keep reading and learn how to scan a document with Simple Scan.

What are the applications to scan with Android phones?

On the internet there are hundreds of thousands of apps that can be used to scan documents and you can also convert it into PDF format . All these apps are for both Android and iOS mobiles, but we will only explain those that we consider the best, such as:

  • Microsoft Office Lens – Free to download on Google Play, the documents you scan transform into simple photos. In addition, the images are cut and you can scan a document using Word and modify it in PDF or PowerPoint files to be saved in OneDrive or OneNote.
  • CamScanner : with CamScanner you can scan documents from your Android cell phone ; This is considered one of the well-rounded platforms because it allows you to share what is scanned, having your space in the cloud, you can also do it not only with your mobile but also with tablets and computers; It also has the Premium option, for demanding clients.
  • Simple Scan : it automatically detects the edges of the page that has been scanned and chooses its size, whether letter, A4, legal, among others, it also uses gray, black and white or color tones; it even sets passwords for content protection.

Let’s talk a little more about the Simple Scan app

Simple Scan is one of the easy-to-use applications, which is included in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, which makes it easy for you to quickly scan images, documents, reports, invoices or anything else; turning the mobile into a true pocket scanner .

In this way, you get a digitized copy that will save it in various types of format, either PDF, PNG or JPG; It must be indicated, if what you are going to scan is one or more, the pages are text, you will see them in black and white, and if they contain images they will come out in color.

How to scan a document with my Android cell phone with Simple Scan?

The first thing we are going to do is search the Play Store for the Simple Scan application from Easy inc. Then we click on “Install”. Then a new click on “Open”; now the application asks you for permissions to use the camera and the gallery to save the files.

Then we activate the button to take the photo; We must also click at the bottom if it is a document or two, now you proceed to take the photo or photos of the document. Then click on the symbol at the bottom right to confirm.

Subsequently, the image with the dots on the edges appears on the screen as a guide to cut to the final position we want; then click on the arrow at the bottom right, and the scan appears; you put the name of that document at the top.

Now click on the “Done” button at the top right, then on the top left arrow to go back and you will see that the document is ready; you exit the application, and go to the platform’s email , create a new message to be directed to the person you want to send the scanned.

Later you go to the file of the internal storage of the mobile and once opened, you look for the “Simple Scan” folder , then you click “Documents”, now you locate the file with the name you assigned for the document, and finally “Send”.

To conclude it can be seen, the advantage that we have with this technology of Android mobiles and the applications that can be installed, to obtain a scanner as who says portable; You save time, and even money when it comes to having some urgency to deliver important documents.


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