How to save money each month? 21 practical tips to apply every day

How to save money each month.Savings are essential to cope with life’s unforeseen events and to make dreams come true.Saving money on a regular basis is what allows us to live in financial relief!

Don’t know how to save money monthly? Follow these 21 tips

Are you a smoker? If the answer is yes, then this suggestion is for you. “ A packet of tobacco costs about € 4 . If you smoke four packs a week, you will save 64 € per month and 768 € per year if you stop smoking ”, advises Susana Albuquerque.

2.  “The gym fee is about 40 €. If you choose to exercise outdoors, you pay nothing and still save € 480 a year. ”

3.  “Choosing generic drugs saves between 20 and 35% compared to the reference drug (source: INFARMED). Which means that if you spend € 400 a year on drugs, you’ll be saving between € 80 and € 140 a year when choosing generics. ”

4.  Comparing prices is always a good idea! “ Non-prescription drugs can have substantial price differences between establishments. In a milk can, the difference can be € 2. ”

5. Do you  arrange your nails in an aesthetic center? Think your times. “ Going to the manicure costs, on average, € 5 . If you go weekly, you spend € 1040 at the end of the year. If you choose to do it at home, and assuming you spend 40 € on consumables (varnish, acetone, cotton) per year, you still save 1000 €. ”


s the difference in seasons really that different? Susana Albuquerque explains: “Traveling  in low season can result in savings of 30% compared to prices in high season.”

7.  “ Travel fairs (advance purchase) and last-minute opportunities allow you to buy often with discounts in the order of 50% .”

8.  Going on vacation and not paying € 1 for accommodation seems strange, right? But it is possible. “ Visit the home exchange sites Troca Casa , Guest to Guest and Home Away and save values ​​between 250 € and 2000 €.”


Always take the recycled bag: every time you forget the plastic bag, it’s 0.10 €. If you go to the supermarket 3 times a week and have to buy three bags, at the end of the year you spend € 15.60 ”.

10. Make a customer card at each supermarket. The benefits are more than many. “Customer cards easily offer discounts that can reach 50% on certain products”.

11. “Going shopping hungry may increase your supermarket bill by at least 17%.”

12. Don’t know how to balance the shopping list? “If you do the weekly menu looking at what you have at home and if you make the grocery shopping list based on that, you will save 10-20% per week on purchases. If you spend an average of € 50 per week, you’ll save € 20 per month and € 240 per year! ”

13. Balances? Yes! “Buying in balances allows savings that can reach 70% and, in some cases, even more. As long as you buy things you really need, otherwise balances are just an opportunity to spend more on buying things you don’t really need! ”


The choice for the fuel pump with the lowest prices can be worth € 15 in a 60 liter tank (compared to the pump with the highest prices). If you certify the deposit twice a month, at the end of the year you will save 360 ​​€. 

15. Public transport can be a good option. “On the Lisbon-Sintra route (60 kilometers a day), it is possible to save 155 € compared to traveling in a gasoline car.”

Financial products

An analysis of all insurance policies can show duplication of coverage, so an analysis of all contracts and renegotiation with insurance companies can be worth savings of tens or hundreds of euros per year.”

17.   It is possible to save tens of euros a year on account fees and card fees . One of the options is home pay. But there are others and the change is free. The most important thing is to compare the prices of the commissions you pay with those charged by other banks. ”

At home and at work

Change the lamps in your home. It is more important than you think. “The energy saving lamps save up to 80% in electricity consumption . With a monthly bill of € 40, you can save between € 20 to € 30, which means that in one year you can save between € 240 and € 360! ”

19. Do you eat out every day? It is possible to save, yes. “Those who have to have lunch outside can count, on average, with an invoice of 10 € per day. If you choose to ask a company that specializes in sending meals to workplaces (if this offer is available in the area where you work), you can have lunch for about € 5, which allows you to save 50% of that amount, that is € 110 per month and € 1320 per year. ”

20. “If you take the lunch box to work once a week, and assuming you spend € 2 on the plate you take and a meal outside costs € 10, at the end of a year you save over € 2000. 

21. The breakfast at home is much more advantageous. “A glass of milk and a bread and butter cost, at the end of the month, around 9 €. If you choose coffee and cake, you will spend around € 50 at the end of the month. ”

The golden rule for saving

Never has the phrase “plate won, plate worn” been so inappropriate as it is today. Doing good money management is advantageous for you, your family and the bank account that stops decreasing each time you remove the bank stratum.

The financial coach gives us an essential rule for anyone who wants to start saving: “ Savings should be done upfront, automatically and based on a fixed amount or percentage of what you earn.”

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