Samsung galaxy tab s5e won’t turn on;10 Solutions

Samsung galaxy tab s5e won’t turn on.The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E device is considered one of the best options on the market when buying Tablets. It contains good features for high-end devices. But not everything is good, these devices came with a defect and that is not to turn on.If you are currently presenting this problem, here we are going to give you multiple solutions, which will be shown below.Before continuing it is necessary to say that before everything you format your Samsung cell phone , in case it can be due to any other type of problem, if we do not continue.

Samsung galaxy tab s5e won't turn on;10 Solutions

Fix,Samsung galaxy tab s5e won’t turn on

Samsung galaxy tab s5e won't turn on;10 Solutions

If you are having this problem we will give you 7 solutions so that you can have your device working again.

  1. Check for physical damage: It is important to check this since when suffering a fall or exposing the device to liquids, water or humidity can cause damage to the hardware, it is necessary that in case your mobile gets wet, you dry it immediately . If your S5E has visible damage, it is best to repair it so that it works again.
  2. Charge the device: If it does not have physical damage, then what you should do is charge the battery for at least 30 minutes, the main thing is not to try to turn it on or restart it in this time since this is the minimum time that the battery needs to have strength again
  1. Check the charging accessories: If with all this the Tab S5E does not turn on, it is necessary to check the charging accessories. There may be damage to one of the two sides of the cable, or the adapter may have water or some damage. And a tip is to always use an original Samsung cable, generic ones are usually of poor quality and easily damaged.
  2. Check the screen: Another reason we can believe that the device is damaged is the screen. If the phone vibrates or notifications sound, it means that it is operational in your system but the screen has an error or a problem, this is commonly called a crazy screen, which has a solution . And in case it is only to change the screen or change a component, we recommend that you visit a technician for the most accurate diagnosis.
  3. Check the charging port: The charging port area is the area most exposed to dirt, hair, lint, debris and other minimal objects can get in. If your charging port has something that prevents the port and the charging cable from connecting as it should, the charge will be much slower or it will simply not charge. What is necessary here is to clean this area very delicately to remove any dirt.
  4. Force reboot the device:Reboot the device is one way to boost the device. To do the restart you have to keep the power key and volume down pressed for 45 seconds and wait for the device to restart. In other versions it is usually like this: Keep the power and volume down buttons pressed until “maintenance startup mode” appears on the screen. From that same menu we will select normal startup. We will use the volume and power buttons to select the option and wait the process to complete.
  1. Start in safe mode: Another possible reason why the device does not turn on may be a bad application that you have installed, you will have to delete said application and see if it is the solution. The way to check that is to try to put the device in safe mode, this mode blocks third-party applications, which means that if the safe mode starts it is an indication of an application problem.

Final Recommendations;Samsung galaxy tab s5e won’t turn on

It is very important that you take care of your TAB S5E, these devices are usually very good, but at the same time very delicate so we must be as careful as possible. Since it can even serve as a second monitor. We hope this article has been of help to you and that some of these solutions will help you to fix this problem.

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