Rosetta Stone, learn up to 24 languages ​​with your Android

Are you tired of not knowing a language that you want to speak well? If so, your Android phone is one of the allies you have to achieve it. For this you simply have to install an application that allows you to study it, such as Rosetta Stone, which is one of the most complete on the market.

This is a job that allows you to go advanced in the different courses it includes without having to spend a large amount of time , which ensures that, if you have 20 minutes in an afternoon, you can use them to advance in any of the lessons. Besides, and this is important, the amount of options it offers when choosing an approach are vast. Since it is possible to choose between courses that seek a more professional learning and, also, those that are more for personal use (such as getting along well when going on vacation). That is, you will always find something useful.

The number of languages that the Rosetta Stone application has within it is twenty – four , so there are many possibilities when it comes to learning. Thus, it will be possible for you to perfect your English, to take the first steps in Filipino and even Arabic and Chinese are possibilities that you can use in this app that has many virtues as an interface that leaves no room for doubt (and where You did not find anything that is not translated into Spanish as it cannot be otherwise).

Rosetta Stone, an application that is not very demanding

We say this, since you should not have an Android phone or tablet that is especially powerful. Therefore, we are talking about a development that can be classified as suitable for all audiences . The fact is that with having a device with a quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM, everything works with no problem and with a great user experience as we have seen. Of course, our recommendation is that the screen be as large as possible (above six inches if possible), since in this way the multimedia contents are enjoyed in the best possible way.

And since we are talking about multimedia, it must be said that what Rosetta Stone offers in this is great, and it is true, since it allows the knowledge acquired with support in these to be much more consistent. It is important here to indicate that the microphone that the device must have must be of quality, since with it the pronunciation tests are done, and if this is not fulfilled, errors that do not exist can be obtained and this becomes a bit desperate (it is not app crash, but this happens).

With this application it is possible to add knowledge ranging from grammar to vocabulary . And, thanks to the fact that there are different levels in the courses (for example, there is a beginner, which we recommend to use at first), you will always find what you need. It is important to indicate that the advances that are achieved are being saved and that there is no lack of tests that allow it to be clear if the desired knowledge is being achieved. Full of options.

Good functioning of this app

When testing the development we are talking about, we have found excellent stability and a very good user experience. In addition, as it offers a really good ease of use , it is not a bad idea to do it without having to pay anything (there are lessons that have to be downloaded on payment, of course), both in the Galaxy Store and in the Play Store .


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