12 Rights of Drug Administration For Nurses In Medication

Knowledge about rights of drug administration is very important for every nurse. You Must know the purpose behind that . These rights will always help the nurse to prevent illness, to treat illness and to restore bodily functions.

12 Medication Rights of Drug Administration

  • Always identify that drugs by reading the label and not by its shape, size, colour or smell.
  • Before giving the drug you should know the use of the drug, the effect of drug, the approximate dose of drug and how it should be given and the possible side effects and reactions etc. These are basic thing that a nurse should know by which many a times the nurse can prevent certain reactions or mis­taken advise or use of drug.
  • If you have any doubt about administering of drug, consult your seniors. (Once doctor advised to a nurse to start a milk drip to the patient. The Nurse gave IV milk drip and the patient was saved with great difficulty from complications of milk entering into blood directly).
  • Do not use drug without label. Do not transfer drugs to the container with old label still on.
  • Never put powder medicine back into the same container.
  • Ask for clarification if any order regarding dose or other aspect of the drug is not readable.
  • Watch all patients for drug reaction specially for parenteral use.
  • Never put the name of medicine on chart before actually giving it.
  • Never leave medicine at the bed side locker. See that the patient takes the medicine, or you yourself put the medicine in his mouth with a little water if he asks for.
  • Any liquid medicine in bottle showing precipitates, should not be used.
  • Discoloured solution should not be given.
  • Iron tablets or syrup should not be given after tea because iron and tea are not compatible
  • Do not use medicines powdered by some one else because you do not know what it is.
  • Before giving hypnotics or sedatives make comfortable sleep­ing arrangements, for the patient.
  • For unpleasant medicines, some sugar or fruit juice should be given to the patient.

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