Reuben Louis Goodstein

Reuben Louis Goodstein. Renowned English mathematician. He became interested in mathematical logic , particularly ordinal numbers , recursive arithmetic , mathematical analysis , and mathematical philosophy . He was the first logical mathematician to hold a chair at a British university . During the war he devoted time to teaching. He published 66 papers and 11 books.


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Biographical synthesis

Modern scientist, born December 15, 1912 in London , England .

It is said that he was a shy person and used great courtesy and generosity towards colleagues and students.

Educated at St Paul’s School , London . Reuben Goodstein won Scholarships and an award for an essay in the divergent series. He entered Magdalene Cambridge University in 1931 and his special focus in his career was analysis. He graduated with first-class honors in 1933 .

He investigated the numerical borderline at Cambridge under Littlewood’s watch . After receiving the bachelor’s degree. He accepted a position to read pure and applied mathematics , until 1935 . During the war years he taught such subjects.

While teaching, he conducted research leading to a Ph.D. from the University of London in 1946 .

Laboral life

Goodstein was appointed a professor at Leicester in 1948 and he remained there for the rest of his life.

He worked on mathematical logic, particularly ordinal numbers , recursive arithmetic , analysis, and the philosophy of mathematics . He was extremely interested in teaching mathematics which he exercised during the war.

He was Dean of Science at the critical moment of the transition to the University in the state that occurred in 1957 . From 1966 to 1969 he served as Pro-Rector of the University of Leicester .


He died on March 8 , 1985 in Leicester , England.

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He published 66 papers on math instruction at the college and college level. He contributed more than 70 notes and hundreds of comments to the Mathematics Gazette .

Its 11 books are characterized by their clear style and the use of ingenious methods to explain the difficult points, including Development of Mathematical Logic and Recursive analysis .


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