Respect – the value of seeing again

Respect and trust are two values ​​that form the very basis for good interaction, both in the workplace and elsewhere in life. Listening, seeing and understanding others strengthens communication – which is absolutely crucial to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

LederNytt has talked to business consultant and DNCF coach Hedvig Rognerud about how important it is to respect each other in the workplace.

– The very word respect comes from to – respect, or to see again. Respectful behavior is about meeting other people with openness and a healthy curiosity related to the background of what they do and what they say, even when they show behavior we do not understand or directly disagree with. With this basic attitude we strengthen our own ability to Appreciate diversity and diversity, and realize that most issues have at least two sides.

– Simply described, the size of a conflict is affected by two main components: the degree of dependence and the degree of disagreement. Most workplaces have employees who are dependent on each other in one way or another. They need to trust each other, and that the other’s contribution comes at the right time and with the right quality. If they mutually struggle on this trust over time, even small disagreements can create great turbulence. Taking over a half-done job, or having to defend behavior that you cannot vouch for yourself, can quickly affect both the climate of cooperation and mutual respect in an unfortunate way.

Building a culture that values ​​healthy friction and productive conflicts is important for the company’s competitiveness and further development.

When an employee refuses to perform a task, it is not a given that this person is crooked and difficult.


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