How to remove the startup password in Windows 10

If you want to learn how to remove the startup password in Windows 10, you will have to read this article where, in addition, we will teach you a hidden command from the Microsoft operating system.

Windows 10 is a great operating system , it has functionalities that are very useful on a daily basis and help the user to be more productive. But despite everything, it is not perfect. The main Microsoft system problems are in the details. And one of the most annoying has to do with having to enter our password every time the computer is suspended . To avoid this headache, below we will detail how to remove the startup password in Windows 10 .

Remove Windows 10 startup password with hidden command

Many people do not know that hidden commands are not found with the naked eye in all operating systems . We will not be able to access them simply by searching the settings of our computer or mobile device. One of the reasons why these features are hidden is because they could modify the system and harm the user .

In Windows 10, to access these secret commands, it will not be necessary to learn how to use the console as it could be the case of some Linux distribution ; you just have to write the exact code of each one in the search bar that is enabled when you enter at the beginning.

To remove the startup password in Windows 10 , we will have to type in the search bar the command netplwiz . If, when customizing your operating system, you have configured not to have a search bar , you can simply start typing the code with the start window open and it will automatically appear.

When executing the netplwiz command, a window will open that allows us to configure multiple aspects of the user account that is currently active . To remove the startup password in Windows 10, just uncheck the box that says users must enter their name and password to use the computer . Then you have to save the changes by clicking on Apply followed by Accept and automatically our Windows 10 computer will no longer ask us for the password when you log in after turning on the computer .

The fastest method to delete the startup key

As you can see when taking a screenshot , one of the advantages of Windows 10 is that it offers us different ways to obtain the same result . To remove the startup key, we can also do it quickly in a few clicks. For this we must simultaneously press the Start + X key combination and then choose the Equipment Management option that will appear on the left side of the screen. Once there, we must find our user and through a right click, change the password for a blank space.

How to remove the password that Windows 10 asks after a suspension

The hidden command that we explained previously will serve so that Windows does not ask the user for their password when logging in after the computer is turned on , that is, if the computer is already running and is suspended, when it resumes the activity it will continue asking the user for their password .

To avoid this annoying situation, the only solution is to create a local account , that is, a non-Microsoft account. For this we must go to the configuration of our computer and there select the Accounts section . Once inside, we will have to select the email and accounts option and click on Login with a local account .

After placing our password so that Windows knows that, in effect, we are the owners of the account who modify it , we will have to confirm the change and go back to the configuration. This time, in the login options we must change the password and, so that the system never asks for it again , leave the space blank. In this way, every time we log in after a suspension, it will not be necessary to enter our password


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