How to reduce Minecraft lag without increasing RAM

The building game “Minecraft” allows you to collect and locate blocks of different materials in a randomly generated world to build buildings and other structures. Due to the large number of calculations required to generate terrain in real time and determine the effect of each of your actions, “Minecraft” requires a lot of memory and can result in lag (game delay) and unresponsiveness on older computers. Changing some of the game’s options and ensuring you have as much available memory as possible can increase performance without forcing you to upgrade your computer’s RAM.

Step 1

Close all non-essential programs before starting “Minecraft”. Each program that runs on your computer takes up some memory; By closing them, you are making sure that more memory is available for the use of “Minecraft”.

Step 2

Run the game. Click the “Options” button, then click “Video Settings” and the “Draw Distance” button to decrease the game draw distance from “Far” to “Normal”, “Short”, or “Minimum” . Each successive click of the button reduces the viewing distance by one level until you reach “Minimum”, where clicking again changes the setting back to “Far”. This decreases the distance at which the pitch is loaded, reducing the amount of calculations the game must perform.

Step 3

Click the “Graphics” button in the Video Settings menu to change the graphics quality of the game from “Good” to “Fast”. Lowering the graphic quality can speed up the process of loading new blocks.

Step 4

Double-click the “Performance” button in the Video Settings menu to change the game’s performance settings to “Max FPS”. This setting is designed to increase gameplay response on slower computers.


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