Reciprocity: let’s talk about exchanging feelings?

Reciprocity is the basis for every good relationship

Reciprocity: a word that we don’t hear much say around, but that is present throughout our daily lives and lives. Reciprocity or exchange, mutuality, correspondence … Let’s talk about exchanging good feelings .

When we hear the expression “Life is a two-way street”, it speaks a little about this exchange, this feeling present in our routine. A thank you, a kindness exchanged, a dialogue full of trust between the parties, a feeling of sympathy and mutual affection.

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Reciprocity is important, as it works as a basis, a support in relationships, whether they are loving, professional or social. And the feeling must come from the heart, be genuine. The reciprocal really needs to be true. People need real ties and more sincere relationships. The busy life, the pressure of the immediate, the virtual relationships , everything tends to take people away from human warmth, from conversations and exchanges of feelings, from exchanged gestures, eye to eye.

Really, kindness breeds kindness, love breeds love . trust generates trust, and so on … Even though, throughout life, we are disappointed with people and situations, it is worth opening up to the good things, generating in our hearts the good feelings that end up ‘escaping’ in our actions. All of this infects people and the environments where we are. It is an exchange, a real exchange, a give and take. A two-way.

To live this feeling in practice, we can take some concrete actions such as trying to be a better person, working on emotions and good feelings, developing habits that spread like smiling more, thanking, greeting… Small and simple things, but with great effects.

In relationships, reciprocity needs to be present both in friendships and in dating and marriage . You can’t build a relationship without exchanging feelings. People can be different in personality, such as, one being more shy and the other more outgoing, but if there is a reciprocal feeling in the heart, love and respect, the relationship is based, it has support. It’s like a two-legged structure, if one is broken or missing, everything falls apart.

Relationships need to be whole, with mutual exchanges of love, fidelity and respect. It is not utopia. It is not unreal. It is true, it happens. And it starts within each of us. It starts in you and spreads like seeds in the wind. And the first to reap the rewards of good mutual feelings is ourselves.


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