Reasons a virtual store does not stand out

The number of Internet users jumping into the pool to shop online is growing year by year around the world. In fact, if a company doesn’t appear on the web, it wastes a lot of business opportunities.

This is why it is very important to have a Virtual Store (web portal) and a presence on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), which is the key to achieving business success if it is in the hands of an experienced Community Manager.

However, companies that are already on the web do not tap into some basic aspects to effectively reach consumers. This is why there are some mistakes that should be avoided for customers to be satisfied and stay in the online store.

Useless page

In order for the consumer to be able to reach an appropriate page, the company must ensure that the banners leading to the landings have the appropriate link.

Search errors

If the customer wants to search for a certain product, it is very important that the in-house search engine of the online store is very powerful so that it offers the product they are looking for. For example, you can offer suggestions, correct user errors, and shorten searches.

Lack of product information

The article offered on the website and that is of interest to the consumer must provide all the information to decide to buy it. Both in videos, zoom, pictures or votes of other users.

Shipping information

If a virtual store does not provide free shipping, you must indicate the amount before the customer enters their details to make the purchase.

In Peru

According to Visa data, only 13% of small and medium-sized businesses have an online store. This is why they need to design a web portal and have a presence on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), which is key to achieving online business success.

It is estimated that 97% of buyers are looking for their products first online. And if a company doesn’t appear on the internet, it definitely misses an excellent opportunity to expand sales of the business.

In your case, are you one of the people who shop online? Are you a virtual customer of a particular company?


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