Reading and meditating on the Bible

The Bible is the source of messages guided by God’s wisdom and guidance

It takes discernment to read, understand and live the message of the Bible. Everything should not be taken literally.

Jesus’ example goes far beyond what appears in the written word, as it would be very strange to follow the order given by Jesus: “If your hand offends you, cut it off”.

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Reading God’s Word

Catholics are increasingly reading the Word of God, and that has made a difference.

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with messages that are not very edifying, which generally encourage violence, selfishness and the exploitation of others. However, we can find, in the Bible, messages full of wisdom, able to guide us, stimulate feelings and actions that build a quality life.

Reading the Bible brings light and direction to each person’s life project, slowly introducing a different way of thinking in the mentality of the man who reads it. He receives new messages, guided by the wisdom and strength of God.

Over the years, Christian theology has moved away from the Bible, but since the Second Vatican Council, in the document Dei Verbum, the Bible has been brought back to the center of the Church’s life.

The Aparecida Document also presents a resumption of biblical texts and is full of them.

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New face of the Church

It is the new face of the Church that wants to be more and more like the communities presented in the first chapters of the Acts of the Apostles and with that dreamed by John Paul II, in the document Novo Millennio Ineunte, as an expression of the unity of Christians in Christ.

The law of the world goes against the law of every disciple of Jesus. At all times, we are encouraged to enjoy life selfishly, living today without thinking about others, loving only ourselves and forgetting to love God.

We hear these messages every day, and if we don’t hear or read something different, the law of the world ends up prevailing and we get lost easily.

If loving God and neighbor is the whole law of Jesus’ disciple, the Bible reminds us that this is the way to be an elite, good, holy and happy Christian.

What do you think will prevail in your life: the law of God or the law of the world? Certainly, the one who watches any program and reads any magazine will keep the law of the world and will be one of many anonymous people.


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