What does the genealogy of Jesus mean?

n the Gospels, two genealogies of Jesus are presented. One in São Lucas and another in São Mateus. After all, what is a genealogy? It is the presentation of the origin of a family. Thus, when the genealogy of Jesus is presented, the intention is to demonstrate his family line.

In the case of the Gospel according to Saint Matthew, genealogy has as main objective to show Jesus’ credentials as the Savior promised by the prophets and expected by the people. Therefore, right in the first sentence of the genealogy, Jesus is presented as “Son of David and son of Abraham” (Mt 1,1).

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Knew more about Jesus’ family genealogy

Son of Abraham: for the Jews to recognize Jesus as the Savior sent by God, they would need to be sure that Jesus also belonged to the people chosen by the Lord. For this reason, St. Matthew , right away, presents Christ as the son of Abraham, that is, a member of the chosen people who have Abraham as their father.

Son of David: the Savior, sent by God, was also to reign over Israel. So St. Matthew was also quick to demonstrate that Jesus is the son of David. In this way, it showed that Jesus could reign over the Jews, since, being David’s son , he belonged to the royal lineage.

Saint Matthew introduces us to Jesus

This is one of the characteristics of the Gospel written by Saint Matthew: presenting Jesus’ credentials, showing people that He is the One that the prophets announced. That He is the Savior and king of all God’s people.

This is the message that the evangelist also conveys to us. When we read the first verse of the Gospel of Saint Matthew, we are invited to meditate on this certainty: Jesus is Savior and King.

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We can trust the credentials presented by São Mateus. Jesus is the Savior sent by God. Jesus reigns over all the chosen people. Therefore, we can also proclaim Jesus as the Savior of our life and also announce that He is our King.


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