Why you should read every day, here are the 10 benefits of reading

Reading presents such an important number of benefits that it would be impossible to list all of them. Here are 10 benefits that reading has for each individual.

reading presents such an important number of benefits that it would be impossible to list all of them.

Stimulate the mind

Studies have shown that stimulating the mind helps prevent or slow down the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and senile dementia, since keeping your brain always active and engaged helps keep it from getting lost. Like all other muscles in the body, the brain also needs to do exercises to keep fit so the phrase “either use it or lose it” is particularly suitable when it comes to your brain. Puzzles and chess can also help with brain stimulation.

It reduces stress

It doesn’t matter how much stress work, relationships or other problems you encounter in everyday life cause: when you are immersed in a story, you find yourself in another dimension, a sort of parallel world, where you will forget your problems. A well-written novel will transport you to another realm: while a demanding article only distracts you momentarily and makes you live the present, leaving tensions outside and giving you a little relaxation.

Improve your knowledge

 Whatever you read will add to your cultural background, expand it and come in handy when you least expect it. The more knowledge you have, the more you will be ready to face the challenges that life presents to you.In addition, reading is a great way to feed your thoughts: when you are in difficult circumstances, remember that you can lose everything else (money, work, your home, even your health) but you will never lose your cultural background.

Expand your vocabulary

This is one of the most important advantages: the more you read, the better your way of exporting improves. The new words will also be added to those that make up your daily vocabulary. Expressing yourself well and in an articulated way can also help you in the workplace and knowing that you speak confidently in front of an important person can be stimulating for your self-esteem. Reading books is important for learning a new language, since non-native speakers express themselves through the words used in any context that can improve their way of expressing themselves, also allowing them to write more fluently.

Improve memory

When you read a book, you have to remember a certain number of characters, their background, their ambitions, their stories and nuances, since all the details are intertwined with the plot. Memory also has a limit, but the brain is something wonderful and can remember all of this with some ease. It is also extraordinary how each memory that is created within you, gives life to a new synapse, strengthening existing ones, thus assisting to a recall of memory that restores our mood. What’s more cool than this?

It strengthens the analytical capacity of thought

Have you ever read an extraordinary detective novel, solving the mystery even before you finished the book? In addition, you will be able to use the critical and analytical ability of thought even at work, taking note of all the details that are provided to you that you will use to solve the “mystery”. The same skill used to analyze the details, will come in handy for criticizing the plot, determining if an acceptable piece has been written, if the characters have been developed appropriately, if the plot is flowing, etc …

It improves the level of attention and concentration

In the world we live entirely influenced by the internet, attention goes in all possible directions, making us multitasking. In just five minutes of time, each of us does a thousand things: send email, organize work, chat with more people (through facebook, skype whatsapp etc.), from a look on twitter, monitor your smartphone and interact with the colleagues. This “like” behavior causes an increase in the level of stress, decreasing our productivity. When you read a book, all your attention is paid to history, the rest of the world, in fact, remains outside and you are immersed in every detail. Try to read 15-20 minutes before going to work (ps on the way home from work, if you take public transport) and you will be surprised by your level of concentration once you arrive at the office.

Improve your writing skills

This goes hand in hand with the expansion of vocabulary: exposing yourself publicly, writing well at work has a noticeable effect on your writing skills. as for the cadence, fluency and writing style of other authors, it will influence your personal work. In the same way that musicians influence each other, first establishing who the teacher is, in the same way writers learn how to write in prose by reading the works of others.

It causes tranquility

In addition to the relaxation that accompanies the reading of a book, it is possible that the topic you are reading takes you to a world where inner peace and tranquility reign. Reading spiritual texts lowers blood pressure giving you a sense of extreme calm, while reading books on “how to help yourself to ..” has been shown to be helpful for people suffering from certain behavioral disorders and mental illness.


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