Rainbow children: who they are and why they bring light after the storm

The rainbow children are those children who are born after a miscarriage or premature death , bringing the light after the storm in the life of a family that has had to face some very difficult times.For many mothers who suffered after an abortion or a premature death, the arrival of a new baby represents the light that comes after the tragedy, like the rainbow after a storm. That’s why these special children who are able to bring a smile back to mom and dad’s faces are called rainbow children.

A rainbow is a promise of sun after the rain, of calm after the storm, of joy after sadness and of peace after pain, but above all, of love after a loss , as happens with the birth of a rainbow baby after an abortion or a premature death.

Alexandra Bolen is a mother and a photographer who decided to pay tribute to the rainbow children and mothers who found their smile thanks to their birth with truly wonderful symbolic shots, because they tell the mothers’ ability to find the strength and hope of facing a new life. His photographic project is called Shutter Darling Photography .

The definition of ‘rainbow children’ reminds future mothers, to whom mum has already become it and to all of us that a rainbow cannot exist without a storm first breaking out and that joy can return even after the darkest moments 

Many mothers naturally feel lonely and desperate after an abortion or premature death, but there is indeed a large community of rainbow babies who have brought a smile back to their mothers’ faces with their birth.

To celebrate the return of joy, many parents dedicate real photo shoots to children accompanied by the rainbow as a symbol or its fantastic colors. Images are a fantastic way to celebrate the arrival of a new life and to remember a happy moment forever..


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