What Is Rain Sensor Device; Types,Uses And Parts

The rain sensor is a driver assistance system that automatically activates the windscreen wiper system in the event of rain.It protects safety inside the vehicle.The most popular application for a rain sensor is the car’s wiper control. The sensor is usually fixed inside the car glass.It has some LEDs and a central photodiode. The light emitted by the LEDs is reflected by the windshield on the photo sensor.

What Is Rain Sensor Device; Types,Uses And Parts

Rain Sensors Instructions.

  • Remove the vehicle’s trim on the inside of the windshield
  • Carefully remove the electrical connector from its housing
  • Lightly press the retaining spring and release it from the locking element by means of a small screwdriver
  • Pull the sensor slowly, gently and repeatedly over the connector side, remove and remove the sensor, including the gel pad, from the windshield.

The Rain Sensor Mounting Instruction

  • The mounting area on the windshield must be free from impurities (such as fibers or grease) and dry. If necessary, clean the area with an alcohol-based detergent.
  • The attachment bearing must be intact, clean and free of air bubbles. If it appears damaged, it must be replaced. If necessary, replace the entire sensor.
  • Place the sensor in the locking frame by pressing lightly on both spring clips. By increasing the pressure now on the right spring arm, now on the left arm, insert the locking clip until it snaps perceptibly into place. The sensor must not angular. Do not insert both spring arms at the same time!
  • At the end check visually if the insertion in the fixing element has been done correctly.
  • Insert the electrical connector into its housing and check that it is correctly positioned.
  • After installation, visually inspect the windscreen in the sensor area.

Main types of Electronic Rain Sensors

There are two main types of Electronic Rain Sensors.

  • The first is a device that accumulates water and is connected to an automatic irrigation system that causes the system to shut down in case of rain.
  • The second is a device used to protect the interior of a vehicle from rain and to enable the automatic operation of the windshield wipers according to the intensity of the rain.

Electronic Rain Sensor Placement

The Electronic Rain Sensor can be fixed on the beds behind the plants using the interlock or it can be placed on a solid surface depending on the individual requirements.

Parts of the Electric Rain Sensor

  • Connection cable 5 m with plug, extension with extension cable.
  • Plate for screwing on firm base.
  • Interlock for ground fixing.

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