Radioelectric spectrum

SPECTRUM is comprised of a set of frequencies that are grouped into frequency bands and can be used by holders of a single license of Telecommunications for the provision of services of wireless communications, sound and television broadcasting – Broadcasting Services AM , FM , TV , Internet , Fixed and Cellular Telephony.


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Provided by a provider or licensee, or by holders of Authorizations to operate Systems related to security, defense, emergencies, transportation and scientific research, as well as industrial and domestic applications – Maritime and Aeronautical Radionavigation Systems, Security Systems (Airports, Alarms, Radio location of vehicles, Monitoring, etc.), various Radioelectric Systems and Services for both civil and military use (Security Forces, Police, Fire, Civil Defense, Public Health, Radio amateurs, Radio messages, etc. It is one of the elements on which the information and communications sector is based for its development and, for every citizen, it translates into a means to access information The demand for spectrum for the consolidation of services wireless and mobile communications systems, networks digital television terrestrial or various systems wireless broadbandit is high. However, it must be taken into account that not all the portions or bands of the same are suitable for any service or system, but that, on the contrary, certain areas of the spectrum are specially indicated to provide specific services. In order for these communications systems to function properly and without interfering with others, the spectrum is divided and specific bands are allocated for the operation of the aforementioned services. Only authorized users should operate in it, understanding that said authorization guarantees the normal operation and quality of the services provided or operated using the Spectrum.

Band allocation

The allocation of portions of the spectrum to the different services is summarized in the Table of Attribution of Frequency Bands of the Republic of Cuba. The National Table of Attribution of Frequency Bands contains the detail of the spectrum discriminated in the different frequency bands in force and the services authorized for their use declared in RESOLUTION No. 259/2017 of the Minister of Communications of Cuba

Frequency assignment

Radioelectric spectrum

The frequencies assigned to each user are authorized by the issuance of a resolution or provision, allowing them to install and operate radio stations in the different homes for which they have requested the use permit. Frequencies can be assigned to one or more users, depending on the type of system that is optimal to use in each case, so the assignment can be in shared mode, such as companies, as in exclusive mode, such as radio amateurs. . Installation of a MINCON- regulated base station You must have the authorization granted by this, enabling it in the terms of the Resolution and in full in accordance with current regulations, as well as be up to date with the payment of the Radioelectric Canon to be paid for the use of frequencies depending on the actual use that each user makes of it.


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