The Quran and the Human Brain

One of the most intriguing predictions made by the Qur’an concerns the brain. God said in the Qur’an about one of the unbelievers of evil who forbade Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to pray at Ka’bah (Holy Mosque):

“You don’t know it at all! In fact, if he doesn’t stop, we will drag him through Naseyah (front of the head), Naseyah (front of the head), lying, wrong. ” [Holy Quran 96: 15-16]

The Relationship Between the Front of the Head and Lie and Sin

Why did the Quran describe the front of the head as lying and sinful? Why did the Qur’an not say that it is the person who is a liar and a sinner?

What is the relationship between the front of the head and lying and sinfulness? If we look at the skull in front of the head, we will find the prefrontal area of ​​the brain, in the area we call the forehead.

What does physiology tell us about the function of this area of ​​the brain?

A book entitled Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology says of this area: “The motivation and prediction of planning and initiating movements occurs in the anterior portion of the frontal lobes, the prefrontal area.

This is a region of the association cortex. ” The book also says: “In relation to its involvement in motivation, the prefrontal area is also considered the functional center of the aggression …”

Therefore, this area of ​​the brain is responsible for planning, motivating and initiating good and sinful behaviors, and it is responsible for telling lies and telling the truth. So, it is appropriate to tell lies and speak the truth. So it is correct to describe the front of the head as a liar and a sinner when someone lies or commits a sin, as the Qur’an says:

“… Naseyah (front of the head) liar, wrong.” [Holy Quran 96:16]

Scientists have only discovered these functions of the prefrontal area in the past sixty years, according to Professor Keith L. Moore. [Scientific miracles in front of the head p. 41]

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