Questions To Ask A Math Teacher from Parents

Questions To Ask A Math Teacher from Parents.During the years that I have taught mathematics. I have been involved with the Career Development Centre, the following remarks and questions by parents have virtually become part of my daily communication:

10 Questions To Ask A Math Teacher from Parents

1.Mathematics is a nightmare for my child. •

2.My child really struggles with mathematics. •

3.Where can 1 find extra help in mathematics for my child who is struggling? •

4.flow can I help my child do better in mathematics?

5. Why is my child struggling with mathematics?

6. Everybody says my child should pass mathematics, but he simply cannot do it; what is the matter?

7.Does my child have the ability to pass mathematics?

8. How can I make my child believe that he can do mathematics? • How does a child develop self-confidence in mathematics? •

9.My child’s teacher refuses to give him extra attention or to explain something again; he keeps saying that there is no time. What am Ito do?

10.My child now wanb; to take mathematics at standard grade.

11.How do I motivate my child to work harder at mathematics? • My child simply dreads mathematics.

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