What is PVC:( Polyvinyl chloride)

What is PVC:

PVC is the acronym for ” Polyvinyl chloride which means polyvinyl chloride (or polyvinyl chloride), a plastic also known as vinyl.

PVC is obtained through a combination of ethylene and chlorine. It is a versatile product due to the possibility of adding certain additives (plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, pigments, foaming agents etc.) which are incorporated before processing into the final product. The choice of non-toxic additives allows the manufacture of toys and pharmaceutical products such as serology hoses, blood bags etc.

PVC is widely used in civil construction (pipes, fittings, wires, etc.), packaging materials (food protective films, bottles for various uses, bottles of mineral water, hygiene and cleaning materials, etc.) in the footwear industry.

PVC (Journalist)

PVC, as is popularly known Brazilian journalist Paulo Vinicius de Mello Coelho, is a football commentator for ESPN Brazil since 2000.

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