What is PuTTY; how does it work?

One of the best things that technology could have given us is the ease of accessing multiple electronic equipment remotely. This saves us time and money, as well as giving us more control over various configurations and systems.

PuTTY is known as a tool, which facilitates various connections remotely all this with easy and simple steps. In this way, we can carry out various tasks and maintain a stable and healthy relationship between client-server, which likewise does not involve any type of problem or complication.

This is how we will be able to carry out the pertinent configuration of our router through Telnet , just as if we were in front of our computer.

That is what we want to talk to you about today, in addition to helping you understand the computer tool most used by many, such as PuTTY.

What is PuTTY and how does it work?

If what we are looking for is the fact of being able to communicate remotely with a server, the main thing is to take into account the architecture protocol, which has a main base as a client-server, for this, we have the opportunity to use PuTTY

This system allows us to execute multiple commands , with which we can work thanks to a virtually partitioned server.

This way we will be able to access our router remotely , with the help of the “Telnet” network protocol . This will be responsible for perfectly emulating a series of commands , which will give you access to it.

This is how it is possible to configure said network, in addition to opening ports and segmenting the necessary data packets, through the Quality of Service.

Steps to use PuTTY and configure a router

The first thing you should do is start with the configuration of the Windows features

  • Start by heading to “Start.”
  • There, you must choose the ” control panel ” option .
    Once inside, locate the option “Programs” and click there.
  • Go to the right section of the settings panel and choose the ” Programs and features ” section, there you will see 5 tools which you will have at your disposal.
  • When you have used the previous steps, this option ” Enable or disable Windows features ” will appear in the left section .
  • Here choose the option “Accept”.

From here you must create the Telnet server

  • Start choosing ” Telnet Server “
  • Click “OK.”
  • Enter “Control Panel” and choose ” System and security “.
  • Select “Administrative Tools” and press “Services.”
  • Again choose ” Telnet “
  • Right click and choose the “Properties” option.
  • Go to the “General” tab and choose the “Startup type” option.
  • Activate the “Manual” option.
  • Click “Apply.”
  • And then “OK”.

Once this is done, you must start the Telnet service

  • “Start the service” will appear in the upper left section, and click.
  • Here you will see that 3 options have been enabled.
  • Re-enter the control panel and proceed to select the option “Systems and security” and enter “Administrative tools.”
  • Choose ” Computer Management ” and just on the left will appear ” Local Users and Computers “. There select the same.

Once ready, you just have to proceed to add the client computer

  • Choose the “Groups” option.
  • Look for the alternative “Telnet clients”
  • Right click and look for “Properties.”
  • Go to the “General” option and click on “Add”.
  • In the part of ” Locations ” the name we chose previously will appear. We must write the same in the writing box.
  • Press “OK”, then “Apply” and finally “OK”.

As a final step, we must activate the Telnet communication option

  • Select ” Control Panel .”
  • Locate the option “Uninstall a program.”
  • Then choose “Enable or disable Windows features” and select the “Telnet Client” box.
  • Press “OK” and run the command “cmd” in Windows Start.
  • Type ” Telnet ” in the browser and then “open.”
  • Once ready, just have to write the team to which you are going to connect.
  • Enter the login and access password and that’s it.


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