10 Great Examples of Psychological Threats

Psychological threats is a independent factor of danger to individuals, social groups and the city.Significant pressures on the psyche and consciousness of people caused by social, political, economic, criminal dangers, as well as the peculiarities of life.

Psychological Threats Include:

  • an increase in the psychological tension of the population due to an increase in the number of stressful situations in the city, in groups, at work, in families;
  • increase of psychological tension among the population due to increased sense of social insecurity;
  • opposition of generations on the basis of differences in the professed values, differences in living conditions and motivation;
  • informational imposition and financial reinforcement of “Western” stereotypes of perception, thinking, behavior, introduced into the minds of city residents without taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian mentality;
  • loss of faith in professionalism, honesty and decency of political leaders;
  • consumer attitude to the city as a “space” where it is possible to gain financial independence and other material benefits;
  • change of life values ​​towards consumer and individualistic (egocentric) psychology;
  • an increase in the number of mental illnesses;
  • increase in alcohol consumption, distribution of drug addiction;
  • the formation of the cult of wealth (due to the acquisition of material well-being by any means), aggression and violence, and, as a result of this, loss of orientation toward moral, spiritual and cultural values.

The main prerequisites that exacerbate the emergence of a psychological threat are:

  • increase in tension and instability of the economic, financial, criminal situation in the city, increase in stressful and psychogenic factors in families, in educational institutions, at work, on the street, etc .;
  • the absence of a purposeful policy of forming spiritual and moral, cultural, social and economic grounds for uniting the inhabitants into a single social community;
  • lack of psychological culture among government officials and the general public;
  • social and psychological isolation of children and adolescents from adults;
  • reduction of humanitarian culture, violation of the continuity of socio-cultural, national traditions and, as a result, the assimilation of standards and patterns that are alien to the Russian mentality;
  • a sharp decrease in opportunities for productive and in line with the moral standards of meeting the needs of children and adolescents, because of which their activity is realized in illegal and immoral forms (from vandalism to crime);
  • the aggressive nature of the information environment imposed by the media.

The realization of threats of a psychological nature can result in:

  • violation of the mental health of a certain part of the inhabitants;
  • an increase in the number of mental illnesses, suicides and crimes.
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