What is PSC? How to pass PSC exam In India

It is very necessary to have administrative services to run any state of the country. The largest such post can be obtained by passing the Public Service Commission (PSC) examination in the government department. Public Service Commission also known as PSC in short. For those who want to get a civil service post, it is a dream of a golden future.

If you also want to make your future bright then you should know about it. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you what is PSC, how to prepare for PSC, recruitment process, eligibility for it, age limit, full form of PSC, etc.

After reading this article till the end, you will get information about PSC in the details.

Let us know what is PSC?

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What is PSC? What is PSC in Hindi

Let us tell you, PSC conducts examinations at central and state level. Provision for establishment of Public Service Commission for Central and State has been provided from Articles 315 to 323 of the Constitution to remove constitutional power and functions or to create independent PSC Commission Has power.

In this way, the State Public Service Commission conducts recruitment examinations which serve as reputed services in the state administration. The PSC conducts recruitment for administrative services of every state and also examines the matters of administrative post to be held.

PSC Full form in Hindi & English

  • Public Service Commission
  • public service Commission

The PSC is responsible for conducting recruitment exams for the posts based on various categories of the Government of India.

How is the PSC exam conducted? How to Conduct PSC Exam

For your information, tell us, the Public Service Commission is organized in many ways, which we are talking about below, so let us know that in this way…

  1. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
  2. Joint Public Service Commission (JPSC)
  3. State Public Service Commission (SPSC)

Union Public Service Commission: This department is under the central government which conducts UPSC examinations. Get government jobs for administrative services based on UPSC department.

Joint Public Service Commission: In this, examinations are conducted by the Joint Public Service Commission consisting of more than one state and on the basis of the exam, you can get job from all the states in which you have done the exam.

State Public Service Commission:  It conducts examinations for administrative services in the state under the State Public Service Commission through its state, under which you get the job according to the state.

In some states, there is also Negative Marking in the Preliminary Examination of Wrong Question and there are different question papers for each state and there are 2 question papers in the Preliminary Examination for some states. A question paper for the State Public Service Commission is based on the subject of general knowledge.

Qualification for PSC exam? (Eligibility for PSC Exam)

If you also want to participate in the PSC Exam, then it is very important for you to have some qualifications, which we are telling you below, which is like this.

  • In order to pass the PSC examination, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university
  • The age limit for PSC applicant should be minimum 21 years and maximum 35 years.
  • While 3 years relaxation is given for OBC and 5 years relaxation for SC / ST.

What to do to pass the PSC exam? What to do to Clear PSC Exam

To pass the examinations conducted by PSC, the applicant has to go through three stages, so let’s know.

  • Preliminary Examination – Preliminary Examination
  • Mains Exam – Mains Exam
  • Interview

Preliminary Exam: In this exam you are asked questions related to general knowledge and these are questions of Objective Type. For this exam, preliminary exam is conducted on the basis of two paper papers which would be like this …

  • First Question Paper – General Studies – 200 Marks
  • Second Question Paper – CSAT Qualifying 33% – 200 Marks

Mains Exam: The candidate who has cleared the preliminary examination is called for the main examination. Also tell you that there are 6 questions written in “A” section and it is 1400 words while in “B” part. Questions related to general knowledge, general science, mathematics, history, geography, news, reasoning, essay Hindi and English subjects are asked.

  • (A) First Question Paper -300 Marks
  • (B) Second Question Paper – 300 Marks

If you pass both of these written exams, then you also have to go through the interview which is like this.

Interview: The candidate, who is successful in both the preliminary and main examination, is called for an interview, in which your confidence and mental abilities are tested and some questions can also be asked.

If you pass these three steps, then you can get a job in any administrative services. Candidates who pass the PSC Exam can get a very large government post.

Jobs after PSC exam

If you pass the PSC exam then after this you can get a big post in the government department, but let us also tell you that the candidates who pass the PSC exam i.e. state level, get the post below IPS or IAS.

Which we are telling you about the appointments for some important posts which are as follows.

  • District Development Officer
  • chief development officer
  • village development officer
  • Commercial tax officer
  • CDPO Officer
  • SDO officer
  • DSP officer etc.

So there are many government posts that you can get by passing PSC Exam, this post is considered very good and honorable only after IPS and IAS.

How to prepare for PSC exam? (How to Prepare for PSC Exam)

The PSC exam is conducted for the recruitment of various government related posts, but the candidates have to work hard for the PSC Exam only then they can get success in the PSC exam. You should prepare for PSC and UPSC simultaneously so that you can get the information of both the departments.

If you also want to make a good preparation for PSC, then you can make your future bright by keeping a few things in mind. So let’s know some points…

  1. Understanding of PSC syllabus and exam pattern keeping in mind.
  2. It is important to know and understand the questions of previous years.
  3. For PSC, preparation has to be done at state level and specific subjects.
  4. Study according to time and schedule
  5. Join coaching for preparing for PSC exam
  6. Take the help of internet and read the news paper.

If you are preparing for PSC according to some tips given by us, then you can get some success, but you have to prepare for the PSC exam with one goal.


So friends, in this article we told you about the PSC Exam. Like, what is a PSC? How to pass PSC exam, eligibility for PSC exam, exam pattern, age limit, how to conduct PSC, what to do to pass PSC exam, job profile after PSC exam, etc.


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