51 PS5 Essential Settings;Complete Guide And Tricks

The biggest claim to get a PS5 beyond its catalog of games , logically, is the player experience . And if its proposal for ultra-fast charging, its 3D Audio technology or the DualSense seek to distinguish itself from its predecessor, the new Sony console also offers other aspects not so obvious with which it strengthens its possibilities. Some of them too interesting .

A lot has happened since the days when it was enough to plug in an SNES , turn it on, and insert the game cartridge. And although it will take a few minutes to configure the PS5, getting the most out of its extra options is something that is always worth it.

At VidaExtra we have dedicated ourselves to thoroughly tinkering with the PS5 in order to develop a very special guide. A small compendium full of very interesting adjustments and recommendations with which those who already have a PS5 at home, such as those who intend to release one (we recommend our reservation guide ), become familiar with all the features of the software and hardware of the console.


PS5 Accessories and Services Guide: What to buy for my new PlayStation? Tips and recommendations

51 tips and tricks to guide you from your first steps and also help you discover and make the most of the possibilities of your PS5. For you to stream your games comfortably, efficiently manage your SSD hard drive and, in the process, discover curiosities around the DualSense.

Starting from the starting point of every new user, with captures and observations of each and every one of the processes.

Starting with the essentials: how to transfer data from PS4 to PS5

If you already had a PS4 at home, don’t unplug it yet: you can transfer your settings and most of the aspects related to your gamer profile and PSN simply by having them connected to the same internet network , either LAN or Wi-Fi.

What you will need is, in essence, to have your PS4 software updated (the most recent version) and use the same PlayStation Network account on both consoles. Also, if it is the first time you configure your PS5, you will be guided step by step through the process.

The interesting thing about this option is that it keeps all the settings, configurations and preferences of your previous console (for example, the profiles or the parental control system). Although, if you prefer, there are alternatives when it comes to taking your games to the new console.

You can transfer your games from one console to another simply by inserting the original disc (in case our PS5 model has a reader), downloading them in digital format from the PlayStation Store or through an external hard drive via USB. All the PS4 games that you have associated with your PSN account will be waiting for you on the next generation console.

What is sleep mode?

When it comes to turning off the PS5 from the lower control panel (it appears when you press the central PS button on the DualSense) we have three options: A normal shutdown, a console restart and sleep mode.

Of course, we can also configure from Settings , in the System Tab and the Energy Saving section how much time of inactivity must pass so that our PS5 will go into sleep mode automatically.

The interesting thing about this last option is that with the appropriate settings it will allow us to update our games also automatically, perform remote play on PC or mobile devices and even use it to load our controllers. A very option to consider.

Which PS5 sleep setting is better?

Continuing with the sleep mode, when we configure PS5 for the first time we are offered to choose between three types of configuration focused on the use and energy consumption when we are going to leave the console idle. Two of them are preset profiles, while the third allows us to set the preferences ourselves. Which to choose?

  • We recommend the optimized experienceif you want updates and even controller and accessory uploads to run even with the console idle. In addition, with this configuration you will not have to worry about turning on the console if you are going to use it remotely.
  • We recommend saving powerif you want the console to reduce its power consumption to a minimum (0.5W) when it is idle. An option that translates into direct savings, also avoiding electricity costs.

Our advice here is that you bet on the third way, since through this you can manage and choose which functions really interest you and, within the options, have a responsible consumption of energy.

How to associate another DualSense controller to your PS5 in the fastest way

A very simple trick: if you are in a hurry to play NBA 2K or Street Fighter V with two controllers, the quickest way to associate the second DualSense on PS5 is to connect it directly to the console using a USBC cable . Without further paperwork. As simple as it sounds.

As an added curiosity , an alternative option to connect another DualSense controller to the PS5, taking a detour and without having a USBC cable, is to go to Settings, then to Accessories and, from there, configure it as a Bluetooth device.

How to join the game as a guest player

If you have an extra controller, you can join the game on PS5 . All you have to do is associate a second DualSense to the console (or DualShock 4 if it is a PS4 game) and press the central button. From there a small menu will appear from which we can add a guest user.

The PlayStation mobile app: a companion that pays off

The official PlayStation app for iOS and Android is an especially interesting ally in terms of its social and remote management functions.

  • On the one hand, because you can chat and interact with your PlayStation Network contactseven when you are not in front of the console.
  • But also because you will have access to the PS store, so that you will not have to turn on the console to treat yourself.
  • And what’s even better, with the right settings, you caneven download your games remotely , even when you’re not at home, and manage your PS5’s storage.

How to update the system manually

From time to time, Sony will add new features and improvements to PS5 through software updates . We can configure the console to update automatically, even at rest, or choose to do it manually. In any case, we will need to have it connected to the internet.

As a general rule, the first update is done automatically when you configure the PS5 Wi-Fi network. However, it is also possible to do it later.

The process is very simple. We go to the settings (the little wheel next to our profile image) and, from there, we go to System Software and, finally, Update and configuration of the system software. From there, just follow the steps.

Choose what information you want Sony to receive

After the initial setup of the console, the PS5 will give us the option to collect and share our usage, personalization and voice data with Sony. We can configure that option at the moment or withdraw our permissions from Settings, Users and, from there, in the Privacy tab .

Set your game preferences before you start playing

A really interesting aspect of PS5 is that it gives us the opportunity to adjust a player profile from the console itself , so that, from the settings, we will have several default settings (the level of difficulty, the type of camera, the language preferences , etc.) that will be applied to supported games.

In fact, one of the most interesting aspects is that we can select from there if we prefer to prioritize performance or visual quality of the game. And although these configurations are not compatible with all PS5 games, it is still a detail.

How to easily capture or create a video

There are moments that are worth immortalizing on property, and the DualSense capture system makes it very easy:

  • If we press the Create button once(on the left side of the touch panel) a capture menu will be displayed in the lower area of ​​the screen that will allow us to select if we want to record, take a photo and even choose the moment. Beware of fighting games, because rivals won’t wait to be handsome.
  • On the other hand, if we hold down the Create button for a few moments,we will save the process of choosing the moment and it will directly capture the capture of what is happening on the screen.
  • Finally, if we press the Create button twice, a video clip will be created. A little further down we will see the options to manage the recording time.

If we go through the captures panel, the card that appears to the left of the capture menu, we can share, edit, highlight and even go to our gallery . Of course, there is also the option of eliminating those that we do not like. In addition, with the L1 and R1 triggers we can review the latest screens and videos made.

Adjust the quality of your captures, videos and broadcasts

Do you want to improve the quality of the images or the duration of the videos that you take between games? From Settings, if we go to the Captures and transmissions tab , we can adjust the resolution of the images, videos and even the transmissions that we make.

On the other hand, from Shortcuts of the Create button we can adjust the use of the Create button when establishing its functions, which includes the duration of the video clips of the recent game.

What’s more, there are even several predefined profile types from Captures and from there to Create button shortcuts.

An option that is worth going over . Of course, keep in mind that the larger the video clips, the more space they will claim on the internal hard drive of your PS5. And the same applies to images and recordings. Although, as we will see below, you can always publish them online or save them via USB.

Problems with the Online? Check your connection and PSN status

If your online game is giving you problems, it is best to check the status of your connection. From Settings you can go to the Networks tab , where you will see if the console is connected to your Wi-Fi, if there is an internet connection and even see the status of the PlayStation Network.

For the best gaming experience, we recommend that you connect the console to a router via cable . However, it is worth doing a quick internet connection test from the Networks tab itself .


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How to get trophies easily

One of the most interesting aspects of PS5 is that many of its games will make it easier for us to get hold of their trophies almost instantly.

The process is as simple as accessing the bottom panel of the game (central DualSense button), browsing through the cards and choosing the trophy in question. And not only that: in addition to clues, some titles put us on a tray to get the trophy by accessing the exact point by pressing the square button on the remote.


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Earn a little extra space by managing your trophies

The 667 GB of space offered by the internal hard drive of the console makes us constantly wonder what is worth having installed . An effective and short-term solution is to manage the videos that are generated when unlocking a trophy.

From Settings, and from there in Captures and transmissions , we can select if when obtaining a trophy a screenshot is generated, if we want to save the video of the moment and even the duration of the video. In this regard, we can only tell you that some moments are memorable, but not all.

Avoid unnecessary spoilers with a couple of tweaks

Are you one of those who despair when they stumble upon a particularly revealing fact or moment ahead of time? No problem: from Settings, and from there to Game / application settings and saved data , you can access the Spoiler notices tab . Manage it to your liking.

How to perform a quick game change

It happens to all of us: we are quietly playing Mortal Kombat 11 and a friend suddenly connects, saying that he has only half an hour to play FIFA . Luckily, switching between games has never been easier.

If from the bottom panel of the PS5 (it appears when you press the central button of the DualSense once) we go to the game icon and, from there, we hold down the button to the right of the touch panel, we will display a selector with the active and most recent games . Taking the plunge is as simple as it sounds.


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What are automatic downloads?

At the beginning we mentioned that there are several types of profile in sleep mode, but it deserves to make a point here: from Settings, and from there in Settings of games / applications and saved data , we can configure automatic updates.

The interesting thing here is that having Automatic Downloads active we will not have to worry about updating the games manually. On the other hand, we can also manage the process to be done when the console is in sleep mode. Two options that will save us more than a desperate wait.

How to remotely play your PS5 from mobile or PC

Do you want to continue playing but your TV is not available (or in sight of where you are)? Do you want to finish the game from the comfort of your desk and from your PC or using your mobile and from bed? No problem: Enable Remote Play console and play remotely.

The process is as simple as enabling Remote Play (from Settings and the System tab ) and, from there, linking the device we want to use as a screen. All in all, the resolution will not match what we can expect on a cutting edge TV.

In the event that we want to use the PC, it will be enough to install the official PlayStation remote game application for PC or Mac, which is free, and link our equipment with the console using the same internet connection. In addition, we can use our DualSense and even the DualShock 4 in PS4 games.

If we use a mobile device we must have the official PS Remote Play application installed (for Android or iOS ). And, although it is advisable to associate the DualSense remote with our mobile via Bluetooth connection, touch controls will also appear on the screen.

It should be remembered that through Remote Use we will be broadcasting directly from the console, so it is turned on in the process. In addition, we will not only be able to play, but we will also have access to the interface and all the apps, games and social functions.

How to set the console to sleep mode

We have spoken several times about the PS5’s sleep mode, but it is worth mentioning an essential aspect: from Settings , System and from there under Power Saving we can manually configure how long we want to pass until the console is automatically inactive.

A way to control energy consumption, but also to establish which functions we want to have active while it is at rest, including charging the controls via USB or allowing it to access the network to perform updates.

Do your games appear in English by default? Check the language of your console

A personal experience: although I passed my settings from PS4 and the console interface was in Spanish, at first the digital games I downloaded appeared to me all in English. And many of them, like Dragon Ball FighterZ , did not offer the language selection option. Luckily, that is fixed with a couple of tweaks.

When accessing System , and from there to Language , I verified that by default the language of my PS5 was set to Latin American Spanish. By changing it to Spanish (Spain) all the games were read again in the language of Cervantes.

This advice also applies to those who wish to hear the original voices without going through the game settings or daring to experiment with a different language. PS5 as an excuse to learn English or Polish? I say: why not?

Configure your notifications, you will appreciate it

It is very good that notices appear on the console every time someone connects, we unlock a trophy or a game is finished downloading, but sometimes it can be tiresome. Luckily, from the PS5 Settings we can configure our Notifications.

Among the options we can choose the type of notifications we want to receive (or not), the display time that appears on the screen and even that there is a preview. Put everything to your liking.

How to improve the size and text of the PS5 menu

There are many reasons to configure the size of the text : besides as an accessibility option, it is something interesting if we see that the letter on the screen is very small, if the television from which we play has few inches or if we are going to use our mobile to to play.

We can adjust up to four types of font sizes from Settings, Accessibility and Screen . And not only that, but also make them bold.

How to make PS5 read screen text aloud

One of the most interesting aspects regarding accessibility and the smallest players is the Screen Reader system , which will read aloud any text that appears on the screen and, in certain cases, will guide us in relation to various options .

It is activated from Settings, Accessibility and, from there, in Screen reader and, as additional details, without leaving that menu we can also configure the speed, the type of voice and even the volume.

How to convert other players’ voice chat to text

It may only be available in supported games, but having a text converter from other players’ voice chat can save any bad game. To activate it, just go to Settings, Accessibility and, from there, to Chat transcript .

How to remove a PS5 disc using the controller

A curious detail: if we go to the icon of the game whose disc is in the console and we press the Options button (to the right of the touch panel), the option to eject it remotely and without having to press the button will appear. console.

Now you just need someone willing to put it in its box and you won’t have to get up from the couch.

How to increase the battery life of the DualSense controller

Do your gaming marathons translate into constantly having DualSense connected to the console? We propose three solutions:

  • Set the controller vibrationfrom Accessibility and from there, controls. By default it is Strong and you will save a lot of battery.
  • The same applies by lowering the intensity of the trigger effect. A small adjustment so that the DualSense battery lasts a little longer.
  • Finally, from Settings, Systemand from there under Energy Saving we can configure the time that will pass until the controls are turned off when they are inactive. By default, they do not turn off, but if you program about 10 minutes you will surely save yourself having to load them at the worst moment.

What information do I have to take into account before making a digital purchase

Exploring new games is always fascinating. And buying wisely will help us choose the best of the best. If we go to the PS5 store from the console itself we will see two key data: the price and the mandatory minimum size.

The really interesting thing here is that going down just a little bit we will see some folders with additional information , transmissions to get an idea of ​​the gaming experience and we will even see the existence (or not) of extra paid content.

At the bottom, finally, we will see everything necessary, including the synopsis, as well as the small print regarding the information regarding Health, Ratings and Privacy when pressing R3 (the right stick)

How to configure usage restrictions on PS5

It is very good that the little ones in the house and their friends enjoy the console and have a great time playing Astro’s Playroom or Sackboy: A Big Adventure , but there may be less appropriate content or aspects (such as game stores ) we are interested in having them administered directly.

The solution: from PS5 Settings we can establish the restrictions of the console itself through Family and Parental Control , and even establish a very convenient Family Management system .

How do I claim my PS Plus games of the month?

If you are coming from older systems, the redistribution of the PlayStation store will have left you a bit unsettled. In essence, if you are subscribed to PS Plus you will be able to claim several included games as a monthly incentive. To access and download them, you can:

  • Access from the PS Store of the console and, from there, to the subscriptions tab. There you will find the PS Plus games of the month and, by accessing each one, the download options.
  • From the PS Store website from PC or any browser. The process is very similar: you search subscriptions and claim the games for each month.
  • Finally, from the PlayStation appfor iOS and Android. just go to the PS Store icon (it looks like a bag with PlayStation icons) and go to subscriptions. What’s more, you can start the download from there.

How to update a game manually

Many games receive news, enhancements, and extra content upon release, so it is a good idea to have the most recent versions. Of course, we will need yes or yes to have the PS5 connected to the internet.

If you have not chosen the automatic update option, simply go to the game icon from the interface or the games tab, press Options (the button to the right of the touch panel) and finally Check for updates.

How do I remove an installed game

Do you need extra space on your hard drive? Choose the game you like the least from the ones you already have installed, press the Options button (the button to the right of the touchpad) and select Delete.

Don’t worry about the content: by default, your progress will be waiting for you if you decide to reinstall it in the future.

How do I remove multiple installed games at the same time

If you need a lot of space and very fast or you can’t quite decide why to erase from your hard drive, it is best to delete several games at the same time. The process is to go to Settings, Storage and from there to Console Storage.

You can sort the games by different filters (including their use), mark them one by one or directly select all of them. The advantage of this is that, in addition, you will see an indicator at the bottom right of how much space you will gain in the process. Choose wisely.

How to select the PS4 version of an updated game for PS5 or with two versions

PS5 does not have Xbox Smart Delivery, but allows multiple versions of a game to coexist on the same console. That is, you can have a copy of Mortal Kombat 11 for PS4, one for PS5 and choose which of the two you want to play with.

Although the two versions will occupy the memory corresponding to each game , it is up to the developer how to manage the data transfer or if they are updated for free.

For our part, in case you want to switch between one version and another, we make it easy for you: just press and hold the Options button (to the right of the touch panel) and a small menu will be displayed with all the available versions of a game and associated with your account. Including demos and betas.

How to manage the internal storage of the console and access the captures

We have previously talked about how to delete the games and applications that we do not use. But we can also access other types of content, such as DLCs, saved data or video and image captures.

The process is to go to Settings, Storage and from there to Console Storage.

If we go to the Multimedia Gallery , in addition, we can review the captures that we have made or that have occurred automatically, being able to share them online from there or directly delete those that do not interest us.

How to transfer screenshots and videos to a USB stick

If we want to save space on our hard drive or send our multimedia content to a PC without depending on the internet, just use a USB stick or hard drive and connect it to any USB port on the console.

The initial process is simple: we go to Settings, then to Storage and from there to Storage of the console . From there we go to Multimedia Gallery.

The PS5 file system makes a distinction between All the contents, our favorites, those created from unlocking a trophy and even has an Albums system. And if we look at the left side, we will see two icons with which to start a selection.

In fact, we can select a specific content or several. Even select everything. And from there share the selection, delete it or ( if we press the ellipsis ) copy to a USB Drive.

The process will take depending on how many files there are, their quality and the type of them. Once the transfer is complete, everything we have saved will be waiting for us in the PS5 folder created by the console itself on the connected device.

What about the expanded storage of PS5?

As of today, it is not possible to increase the PS5’s ultra – fast storage capacity , since SSD hard drives are not enabled until the arrival of a future update. However, we can transfer and import PS4 games to PS5 with normal USB drives.

In fact, it is something very convenient: through external supports we can lighten the space of the console itself. Of course, if we are going to transfer the PS4 games to a USB from PS5, it should be noted   that we will be offered to previously format the unit. Check that it does not have anything relevant inside before starting the process.

In the future, Sony will enable compatibility with SSD hard drives that we can adjust internally, thus allowing us to transfer PS5 games and increase storage capacity.

Restore your PS5 or make a backup of it

Do you want to return your PS5 to the initial configuration or, on the contrary, are you looking for a way to have a backup? You have both possibilities at hand from Settings, System and the System Software options .

How to change status to Online, Busy and Offline

Sometimes you want to play online without having to be aware of whether or not they speak to you in text chats. The most comfortable option, in this case, is to access our profile (our player icon) from the interface or from the bottom panel and choose between the three availability states:

  • With Online, all players and contacts will know that we are available
  • With Busy we willanticipate that we are not available, but that we are online
  • With Show Offline, nobody will see that we are playing or connected to the internet.

How to create shortcuts in the control center

If we access the control center (the bottom bar that appears when pressing the PlayStation button) and press the Options button (the one to the right of the touch panel) we can add or remove shortcuts , including music options, the browser or options of transmission.

How to stream live from YouTube or Twitch directly from the console

On PS5 you will not need to have a capturer or a PC to broadcast your games online: it will be enough to have the transmission button enabled in the control panel (see previous point), a game, an internet connection and want to have fun.

A previous step is to link or create a Twitch or YouTube account , which makes some sense. Also, if we have a camera we can include our reactions in the transmission.

From settings we can select the quality of the transmission. As well as if we want the camera and chat to be shown, the size and position of the image and even introduce effects.

On the other hand, despite the fact that YouTube is integrated into the PS5 settings, we must download the Twitch application if we want to broadcast from there. The process is simple and through an easy code verification system we can associate our account.

However, we recommend that you review the privacy terms before starting any type of transmission from your console.

How to manage sound easily

Sound and its quality are two key aspects of the PS4 experience, and from the bottom panel we can manage it easily. Also choosing what priority we want to give to the speakers, the game sound or the voice chat.

What’s more, even from the social tab in the lower menu we can manage the voice controls and preferences for a group in which we are through the volume icon.

Last but not least, we can also mute by default or adjust the microphone of our headset or the DualSense from the lower control panel of the PS5.

How to manage downloads

If we put several articles, games and content to download on PS5, a download queue will be created . The order of this, by default, will depend on what we have put to download first. Although we can give priority to one or another content.

From the lower control bar (by pressing the PlayStation button) we can access the download icon (an arrow down). From there, if we click Downloads / copies in progress, we can prioritize the content that interests us the most.

Finally, if we are playing online, it is most likely that we are interested in having the best connection. From the lower control bar (by pressing the PlayStation button) and if we go to the download icon (an arrow down) we can pause the download in progress and resume it later.

How to link Spotify to PS5

A very interesting option if we are especially music lovers is to play while we enjoy our favorite music. And PS5 makes it easy for us through Spotify: From the lower control bar (by pressing the PlayStation button) we can access the Music icon (a musical note). From there it is enough to link an account and we will be able to access the lists that we have created.

What is the PS Plus Collection?

One of the best incentives of the PS Plus subscription is, along with the online game, the PS Plus Collection , an access to a library of great essential PS4 games including God of War or the Crash Bandicoot trilogy .

To access this collection and download its games, it will be enough to have an active PS Plus subscription (we can do it from the PSN store) and go to the PS Plus tab. In addition, we will not fill the memory: we will be able to install the games individually.

An interesting detail is that if you add the PS Plus Collection games to your PS5 library, you can also download them to your PS4 and play there .

It is worth remembering that, when dealing with PS4 games, we can lighten the use of the PS5 SSD by transferring the games to an external memory or hard drive via USB . Although, logically, the loads will be slower.


After testing it for a few hours, the PS5 DualSense turned out to be quite a surprise

Five brilliant details of the DualSense

To conclude, we round off our selection of tips and adjustments with five curiosities about the DualSense:

  • An interesting way to know which player we are in the game is the DualSense led itself, showing one, two, three or even four lights depending on the connection order. At least in PS5 games.
  • And what about PS4 games? Things get more interesting: the edges of the led will turn different colorsfollowing the DualShock 4 patterns: blue, red, orange and purple.
  • If two players play online sharing the same console, the DualSense includes a system so that the voices do not overlap, so that only one of the controllers will use the microphone.
  • Also, if we press the microphone button on the remote once we will change the microphone. Of course, it isalso possible to turn off the two microphones.
  • Finally, the DualSense has an interesting nodto the PlayStation brand: the rough texture of the back of the controller itself is made up of an infinity of tiny raised versions of the four PS icons : the square, the circle, the cross and the triangle.


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