Fortnite guide: the best tricks, secrets and strategies to improve

If you have just arrived at Fortnite Battle Royale , you have at your fingertips the guide that we prepared for beginners , where you will find the best tips and techniques to get started in the popular game from Epic Games .

On the other hand, if you have been playing for a while, surely you want to know the tactics used by more experienced players to get the most out of the game. In that case, here is a new guide with the best Fortnite tricks, secrets and strategies to keep improving.

Configure the controls

It is not that the control scheme that comes by default in Fortnite Battle Royale is bad, there are simply several of them and you have to find the one that best suits your style of play. Since building structures is still very important here, especially when there are very few players left and the storm is already in its final stages, but also to create good covers or ramps to attack aggressively, the ideal is to choose a control scheme that allows you to build quickly and easily .

That is to say: nothing of having to use a button to go from left to right in the ingame constructions menu to select one and then build, but rather that each of these structures is assigned to a specific button on the controller. Thus, and with a couple of keystrokes, you will be creating walls, ceilings and ramps at lightning speed.

If you have been playing with a specific scheme for a while, the chances are that, by changing it to another, you will feel somewhat lost in the first games. Never mind, keep going until you get the hang of it and in no time you’ll appreciate it. You also have at your disposal the Playground mode , where you can practice at your own pace and without being disturbed by anyone .


Fortnite: Battle Royale Guide for Beginners

Jump into an area full of players

Just the opposite of what we recommend to beginners: if you have already spent a few hours in Fortnite , it is time to jump from the bus to an area of ​​the map where you know that more players are going to fall.

It may seem crazy, but if you already know the map, and especially the locations where the chests can appear, launching yourself into a crowded area will allow you to make your first casualties within seconds or minutes of landing.

When you are starting and you are lost, falling into one of these high-density areas, such as Pisos Picados (or any that is very close to the route traced by the bus in each game), is not the best idea because experienced players they will seize shields and weapons in a few seconds and if they find you they will slaughter you. On the contrary, if you already know where to look, you may be the one who, as soon as you start the game, will score one or two casualties thanks to the beginners who have decided to take a chance. Or other players who simply may have been less lucky.

Enter buildings through the roof

Here it is not necessary to be so polite as to enter houses and blocks of flats through the door: it is best to always enter through the roof . If you have just jumped off the bus, you have it easy, you plan to the building you want and you start hitting the roof with your pick to open a hole. In the upper area of ​​the houses and blocks there are usually always objects and ammunition. From there, if there is no noise on the lower floors, you can go down and ransack rooms.

In case of reaching a building at street level, the best tactic is still this. You can enter through the door, sure, but if there is an enemy on the top floor they will have an advantage. So, the trick is to build a nice ramp next to the house and reach the roof and then go down from there.


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Take the best weapons

When we talk about picking up the best weapons it does not only mean that you go for the rarest ones, but also the ones that best suit the way you play . In other words, if you can’t handle weapons that fire one bullet at a time, such as pistols, you will probably get more out of a rare assault rifle (green) than a blue pistol (rare). The color scheme for weapons and items, as a reminder, is this:

  • White: common objects
  • Green: rare objects
  • Blue: rare items
  • Purple – Epic Items
  • Orange – Legendary Items

Obviously if you see an orange assault rifle dive headfirst for it, but if you come across a blue pistol and an orange rocket launcher, think first about your situation and which of the two suits you best at that moment. Of course, if you have an empty inventory, take everything and you will organize later.

He carries two identical weapons next to each other

This point is somehow related to the previous one. Actually, why would you want two guns in a row if they share the total ammo you’ve collected? Well, for a very simple reason: it is faster to change weapons than to reload .

In ranged engagements this will not affect you too much, but if you are face to face with an enemy and empty the magazine of your preferred weapon, it will take less time to change to the one you have next to it than to reload. Of course, this works for you with any weapon without the need for them to be the same, the thing is that each one behaves differently and, if they are the same, when changing you will not notice any difference.

Look for shields ASAP

The weapons thing is very good, but if there is something as important as not going around unarmed, it is to go with shields. Check each house from top to bottom and each area in search of elixirs that give you that extra protection. Your starting health bar is 100 points, and with a couple of great elixirs you can earn 100 more points thanks to the shield .

In fact, if you ever have to choose to take a big elixir or a medicine cabinet, the first option should always be the elixir. If you keep your shields up, your health will not go down unless you are caught in the storm, as it affects health regardless of whether you have shields or not.

Improve your aim

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to aiming, especially when it comes to long-range shooting: the bullets don’t go in a straight line like in other games , but the force of gravity bends their trajectory towards the ground. That is to say: when you want to take casualties with a marksman rifle from many meters away, do not aim directly at the head or the area of ​​the body where you want to hit, but a little higher to correct the vertical deviation of the bullet.

On the other hand, and of course, bullet impacts do more damage if you aim at the heads of enemies, although in close-range confrontations it can be difficult to hit. In any case, the game also has its own help system for targeting . Don’t worry about activating it, it can help you on many occasions. And if you don’t like it, then deactivate it and thus you will have total control over where you aim without assists of any kind.

You can also configure the sensitivity when aiming, both for vertical and horizontal movements. It is important that you set the X and Y values ​​to your liking to adjust them to the way you play. Probably a sensitivity of 0.55 on both axes is enough for most, but ideally you should try different values ​​until you find the combination that works best for you.

And remember, if you crouch you will advance more slowly, but on the other hand you will make less noise and improve your aim by gaining stability.

When you drop an enemy to the ground, watch out first before killing him

This cheat is especially valuable if you are playing in squads or, to a lesser extent, in duos mode. And it has all the logic in the world: when you leave an enemy wounded on the ground, chances are that his teammates are nearby and will run to try to revive him. If you insist on continuing to shoot him to eliminate him and you are not careful, what can happen to you is that the rest reach you, thus outnumbering you, and end up eliminating you and immediately revive his partner.

The ideal in these cases is to stop paying attention to the player you have injured and focus on what is around you. The one on the ground is not going anywhere, and if nobody revives him he will end up dying and you will take the loss, so watch carefully to be prepared in the event that the rest of the enemy squad appears.

You can hide if you are near a house and pay attention to the sounds to detect the steps of your companions, or build a structure from which you have a good defensive position to counterattack, etc.

Do not revive your teammates in the open field or without first ensuring that there is no danger

This tip is like the B-side of the previous one: When a teammate is badly injured on the ground, the squad that shot him will most likely leave him alive to use as bait . They will wait for you or some other teammate to come over to revive him to attack you, so it is not much use to just rush to help a teammate because you will probably all end up dead.

If it’s in a clear area, enemy players can see you coming from wherever they are hiding. And if it is in a city or area with buildings, it will be necessary to make sure first that there are no dangers around. The ideal, in any case, is to always protect the badly injured partner by creating a structure around him, ideally made of stone or metal. The wooden ones fall with a few enemy shots and you will bite the dust along with your injured partner.

Use the storm to your advantage

One of the techniques most used by experienced players is precisely to use the storm to their advantage . The tactic is as follows: if you stay close to the edge of the next storm shutdown, you will have a chance to see enemy players coming who have lagged a little behind and are heading towards the new safe zone, if at all. there was someone left on the island. What’s more, if they come in the middle of a storm they will reach the edge with their health touched, so it will be easier to eliminate them.

If, on the other hand, no one comes, what you gain by being close to the edge is the assurance that no player is going to catch you from behind , so you can advance to the next edge and repeat the play.

Play with headphones

Epic Games has worked and continues to work hard on the sound design for Fortnite . That means, to get the most out of your tactics, the ideal is to play with headphones.

This is because there are a lot of sound clues about the presence of nearby enemies : you can hear perfectly differentiated footsteps on the lower or upper floors of a house, the sound of a hang glider passing over your head, the actual shootings that may be closer or further and in what direction, vehicles, cracks that open in the sky and through which enemies can come, the sound of a tree or a rock being destroyed, etc.

With headphones it is much easier to know not only where a sound is coming from, but if it is closer or further away from your position, than with TV speakers, for example. And that provides an important strategic advantage.


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