What to do if ps4 cannot find update file

ps4 cannot find update file.If your PS4 isn’t updating and you have no idea why, this troubleshooting guide should help you out. While you can definitely use your PS4 console right out of the box, software updates are needed to fix known issues and make new hidden tweaks. Some games won’t even go online if your console’s software doesn’t run the latest update. For these reasons, you have no reason to prevent system updates.

Sometimes, however, a PS4 may not update at all. Fortunately, update problems can be common, but they are also some of the problems that are easy to deal with. Let’s see how to fix the update problem.

Why is your PS4 not downloading or installing updates?/ps4 cannot find update file

There are a few reasons why your PS4 won’t install an update. Find out what they are below.

Internet connection is slow or intermittent.

To have uninterrupted downloads of games and updates, your PS4 needs decent internet speed. Make sure you have at least 3 Mbps speed on your console. To see how fast the internet speed is on PS4, you can run a network speed test.

If you use wifi at home, make sure the signal doesn’t drop constantly as this could interrupt updates. If necessary, consider connecting the console to the router with a network cable.

Sony servers are down.

Servers can go offline from time to time. If you get an error message while trying to upgrade, this can be an indicator of an ongoing server downtime. Since the server errors go away by themselves, you need to skip the update and wait for the problem to be fixed.

PS4 software is blocking updates.

If you are using unofficial modified PS4 software, Sony’s system updates may be blocked. To update the system, you may need to change some settings on the modified software or reinstall the official PS4 software.

Unknown software problem.

In some cases, even official software may encounter an error and prevent the latest updates from being installed. In this case, you should try resetting the software settings to factory defaults or initializing the console to fix the problem.

PS4 update troubleshooting./ps4 cannot find update file

Fixing PS4 update issues is often easy. Below are the solutions you can try.

  1. Troubleshoot your internet connection.

First of all, you want to make sure your PS4 doesn’t suffer from slow or intermittent connection issues. Take a speed test on it and see if the speed is ok. Make sure you address wifi related issues (if you are using wireless setup).

  1. Perform PS4 manual or offline update.

If there is no internet connection problem but your console still isn’t directly downloading updates from the internet, try performing an offline PS4 update.

  1. Delete notifications.

Some PS4 users have reported that a notification error may temporarily block the installation of updates. Consider dismissing notifications and see if it will work. Here’s how:
-Select notifications .
-Press the Options Button on your controller.
-In the menu, select Delete .
-Choose Select All .
– Select Delete .
-After clearing all notifications, try manually reinstalling the update.

  1. Install an update via Safe Mode.

Just like a regular Windows computer, you can run your PS4 in Safe Mode and perform a series of operations, one of which is to update the system. In safe mode, only basic functionality can be performed, so if there is a glitch in the more advanced aspect of the software, updating in this mode may work.
Follow the steps below to start the console in
safe mode and update from there: – Shut down the PS4 completely.
-When the console is completely off, press and hold Power on the PS4 front panel until you hear two beeps.
-Release the Energyafter the second beep, which should occur approximately seven seconds after the first beep.
– Connect the controller to the console using a USB cable, then press Play Station button.
-In the Safe Mode menu, select Option 3 [Update System Software].

Ask Sony for help.

If your PS4 still doesn’t install an update after doing the solutions above, there must be an unknown hardware error or software glitch behind it. Get Sony and make an appointment with them to get it fixed.

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