How To Fix Game Crash On PS4

One of the common problems that some PS4 users face is the console crashing on the Home screen or, in some cases, a total system reboot. There can be several factors behind the situation, so you will need to narrow down the factors to solve your problem. This troubleshooting guide will help you with that.

Reasons your PS4 might crash./How To Fix Game Crash On PS4

Your PS4 may freeze, restart or become unresponsive for several reasons. Below are the most common causes of any of these problems.

Dirty or unreadable disc (when using a disc).

If a game you are playing keeps crashing or restarting your PS4, it could be due to the disc you are playing on it. This can happen from time to time if the disc is scratched or broken. To see if there is a problem with the game disc, insert a different disc that works. Make sure this disc is not scratched or broken.

If your PS4 plays well, you can bet that the first disc you were using is the cause of the problem.

Random bug for PS4.

Like a normal computer, a PS4 may encounter errors it may not be able to fix on its own. In some cases, a bug can force the console to restart or crash the home screen. In other situations, a corrupted saved game can also cause this problem.

Outdated software.

If you use your PS4 sparingly, its software may need an update to read or run a game. Sometimes outdated software can cause your system to crash for no apparent reason. Make sure you connect your PS4 to the internet and check if there is a software update available.

Software problem.

The other possible reason for the PS4 crashing issue may be due to an unknown glitch. If your PS4 software has been tampered with (jailbroken or modified), the new software may not be fully optimized or designed to work with new games. In most cases, modified software also prevents a console from connecting, so if your PS4 doesn’t connect, consider reverting to the official version of the software.


Some PS4 users may experience this problem because their console is overheating. Overheating can occur due to a software bug or hardware malfunction. In most cases, however, a console could overheat if it doesn’t get good ventilation, has been in continuous use for a long time, exposed to direct heat / elements, a combination of these three. If your PS4 randomly restarts, you may need to troubleshoot a possible overheating issue as well.

How to fix PS4 crashing problem

You will go through a series of troubleshooting steps in order to identify the cause of your PS4 crash. Below are the steps you need to take.

  1. Clean the game disc (if the game keeps crashing after inserting it).

Make sure you only use a good working game disc. Inserting a dirty, scratched or cracked game disc can damage your console or cause crash problems.
Try cleaning the disc surface with a clean, soft cloth before inserting. Although a PS4 can read lightly scratched discs, you should avoid using scratched game discs as much as possible. A worse situation is when using a cracked game disc as it can damage the optical drive.
This solution only applies if you are using a game disc while it is playing. If the problem occurs with a digital version of the game, ignore it.

  1. Restart the console.

Minor connection issues can be fixed by restarting the PS4. Restart the console by running it on the controller first. Alternatively, you can try holding the Power button in front to reboot the system.
If it doesn’t respond, unplug it from the wall socket or power strip and wait about 1 minute before turning it back on.

  1. Install game and software updates.

If there is no problem with the game disc and you have already restarted the console, your next move is to ensure that your console is running the latest version of the software. The same should be done for your games.
The easiest way to update your console is to connect it to the internet. After trying to play or go online, the system should tell you to update first (if an update is available).
If you wish, you can also try an offline update using a USB stick.

  1. Reset the software to factory defaults.

To deal with possible software anomalies, you can restore the software default settings. This is an effective way to fix software problems that won’t go away with a reboot or update. To factory reset your PS4, please follow these steps: –
Turn off your PS4 by pressing the Power button.
– Press and hold the Energy button. Release it after hearing two beeps.
-Connect the DUALSHOCK controller with a USB cable that transfers data and press the PS button.
-Select Option 4 [Restore Defaults] .

  1. Initialize PS4 in Safe Mode.

If your console still crashes after resetting the software to factory settings, you will need to take a more drastic solution by initializing the PS4. This procedure will either erase your data and game progress or save from your hard drive. The digital content you have purchased can be re-downloaded after doing this solution.
Follow these steps to initialize your PS4: –
Turn off the PS4 by pressing the Power button.
– Press and hold the Energy button. Release it after hearing two beeps.
-Connect the DUALSHOCK controller with a USB cable that transfers data and press the PS button.

  1. elect Option 7 [Initialize PS4]

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