Ps4 Cannot Connect To Network;How To Fix It

Ps4 Cannot Connect To Network.One of the basic functions of a modern game console is the Internet connection. Thanks to the high speeds that ADSL and FTTH connections offer us, multiplayer games are the order of the day, being possible to play both with a friend who lives in the same city as us and with dozens of people spread all over the world at Same time.

The PS4 is currently the last game console manufactured and marketed by Sony. Like its predecessor, the PS4 has the ability to connect to the Internet both via cable and via Wi-Fi. Although in general the connection is made without problems, it is possible that during the configuration and start-up of the network some errors appear that can occur from the Internet not working on the console to the connection working badly and we cannot play normally (for example, getting a high NAT).

The PS4 has two connection modes, both wired and Wi-Fi. If we do not have advanced knowledge of networks, the best option is to select ” Easy ” and follow the steps that appear on the screen until the connection is complete. Except for a specific case, the process will be automatic.

If we connect the console by Wi-Fi, in addition to the above parameters, a section will also appear to select our network and enter its password to connect.

The ” Personalized ” configuration allows us, if necessary, to also configure the Proxy server through which we will connect to the Internet and the IP data, subnet mask, gateway and DNS.

How to test the Internet connection of the PS4/Ps4 Cannot Connect To Network

In general, the console will always be connected to the Internet, however, this connection may not be optimal. To verify this, the XMB system has a tool that allows us to test this connection. To do this, we simply have to go to the Settings> Network> Test Internet connection menu  and the system will check the following items:

  • Get IP address. Check if the console gets a valid IP.
  • Internet connection. Check if the console is able to go online.
  • Login to PlayStation Network. Sign in to PlayStation Network.
  • It shows us how the console connects to the Internet and how easy it is to connect with other consoles:
    • NAT 1 – The console connects directly to the Internet.
    • NAT 2 – The console connects to the Internet through a router (the most common).
    • NAT 3 – The console connects to the Internet through a router, but there are elements that hinder the connection (a firewall, ports, etc).
  • Download speed. It shows us the download speed that the console receives, although the values ​​are not usually, by far, real.
  • Upload speed. It shows us the upload speed that the console receives, although the values ​​are not usually, by far, real.

If everything works correctly and, in addition, we have NAT 2 or NAT 1, we are ready to start playing.

How to fix connectivity problems on PS4/Ps4 Cannot Connect To Network

Although we connect to the Internet without problems, it is possible that due to the network or router configuration we have some connectivity problems so that the console returns us a NAT 3 status (and, in that case, we will have problems playing online ) or we simply cannot connect to Sony’s servers or the connection is unstable.

If we have these problems, one of the options we can try is to open the ports used by the console to connect to the PSN servers:

  • TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
  • UDP: 3478, 3479

In addition, it is advisable to enable the use of the UPnP protocol during the connection configuration since it is responsible for opening and closing the ports intelligently as necessary and, in addition, in the router configuration we can include the console in the DMZ to that the connection is as direct as possible to the Internet. (Adding computers to the DMZ is not recommended as there is a danger of hackers attacking them as the connection is direct and not filtered by a router. In the case of a console, there is no danger).

How to properly open the ports of a router

In addition, we recommend that you always connect the console by cable to the router since, over Wi-Fi, the latency is usually much higher and, in addition, we can suffer packet losses or disconnections.

How to view the connection and server status of the PlayStation Network

It is possible that, although we are connected to the router, for one reason or another, we do not have an Internet connection. It is also possible that the connection is working incorrectly, and even that Sony’s own servers are down and that is the reason why we cannot use the online functions of the console.

To help us find out the reason for a connection problem, the PS4 itself has a series of tools that will allow us to know at all times the status of our connection and the PlayStation Network servers.

  • To check the connection status, we simply have to access the Settings> Network> View connection status section .
  • Similarly, to see the status of the PSN servers, we simply go to the Settings> Network> View status of the PlayStation Network servicesmenu  .

If the connection status is good and the PlayStation Network servers are working correctly and we continue to have problems, we must return to the previous section to try to solve the connectivity problem.

Tips to avoid connection problems on PS4

We also want to give a series of interesting tips to avoid problems when connecting our PS4 to the Internet and have speed, quality or stability problems. We already know that errors related to wireless networks are often present and can prevent us from navigating correctly.

Opt for LAN cable if possible

A basic advice we can give is to connect via LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi. In this way we will gain stability and quality, in addition to achieving the maximum possible speed in our connection. Of course, we must bear in mind that sometimes this will not be possible, since we will not have the router nearby and therefore we will not be able to connect the network cable.

Have repeaters

In the event that, as we mentioned above, we cannot connect by cable, it is always important that the wireless coverage is as good as possible. This means that we can make use of repeaters or network amplifiers . We have in this sense a wide range of possibilities.

These types of devices allow us to connect with greater coverage, regardless of whether we are far from the router. This way we will avoid those typical problems when we use a computer connected to the Internet without good coverage.

Try to focus the connection

What does this mean? Basically it is to avoid that other devices are consuming resources at the same time that we are going to use it. For example, it may happen that we have a computer downloading files or broadcasting in Streaming. This can cause the connection to not work well, especially when we have limited bandwidth.

Keeping the PS4 up to date

Finally, something that cannot be missing to avoid problems is that the PS4 is correctly updated . In this way we can make the most of the available resources and also avoid security problems that may affect us.


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