Projector vs smart TV: Comparison between both options

Today’s big dilemma arises when deciding between buying a projector or a smart TV. To make this decision, various aspects must be taken into account. That is why, so that you are well oriented, today we will talk about the topic:  What is better to buy between a projector and a smart TV?

Projector vs smart TV: Comparison between both options

To determine which one you should buy, you must keep in mind and analyze various aspects related to value for money , durability, size, image quality, among others. So below we will mention several aspects that will be of interest to you when deciding what to buy.

Installation, size and resolution

First, we will start talking about the factor related to the installation of both the projector and the smart TV. Speaking directly of the installation.

Smart TVs usually install in a matter of minutes, while projectors have a much more complex installation process . This is because they must be installed on the wall and connect cables from the projector to the video sources.

With regard to size, the projectors win the contest, because in the market you can get projectors with dimensions starting from 300 inches , a really incredible size! On the other hand, the most expensive smart TVs on the market reach 75 or 80 inches with great difficulty.

Regarding the resolution, in this aspect there is a balance between the projector and the smart TV, since in both cases we can get 4K options . With the only drawback that the 4K resolution projector is usually much more expensive than a 4K smart TV.

Sound quality, brightness and applications

In terms of sound quality, we can emphasize the fact that the projector projects images, not sounds, so it generally requires an external audio system. On the other hand, the smart TV has an advantage in this case, since they usually have integrated speakers, so you will not need to enable an external audio system. However, you can also connect your Smart TV to a sound system for a cinema-like listening experience.

Regarding brightness, the projector loses the battle, since in order for the images from the projector to be seen well you will need to be in a room almost completely dark , a big drawback. On the other hand, with the smart TV you can watch what you want with a very good image quality, whether at night or during the day.

As applications, the winner would be the smart TV, since they owe their intelligence to the fact that they are equipped with operating systems that anchor them to various applications that guarantee you greater enjoyment. Therefore, it is important that you always update the software of your Smart TV . The projectors, for their part, do not have this type of integrated options, although it is not impossible to achieve it either, since it is possible to achieve it through the set-top-box peripherals.

What is better to buy between a projector and a smart TV? The verdict

Now that we have covered several aspects related to projectors and smart TVs and having analyzed them carefully, we can conclude that the big winner is the smart TV . If you noticed, the smart TV has advantages such as easy installation, 4K resolution, quality sound, good brightness and very useful applications. In addition, there are many tricks you can do with your Smart TV that you could not dream of doing with a projector.

All this, anchored in the fact that you can get a smart TV on the market with everything that we mentioned above, at a very affordable price , much cheaper than a projector.

In addition, with the smart TV you can put programs that your whole family likes and you can get them in various types such as: Android TV, Web OS, Smart Hub and Tizen and Firefox TV. You can even install HBO on your Smart TV very easily.

Choose the one that suits you best and start enjoying the home theater experience right away with a smart TV or if you want, with a projector. The last decision is up to you.


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