Proctologist and urologist: understand the differences!

Do you call a medical clinic to make an appointment, but are hesitant to choose a specialty, since you have doubts about the duties of proctologist and urologist ? Do not worry! Questioning is more common than it seems.

Important for both male and female patients, there are, however, some specifications related to each organ of the human body that they are responsible for treating.

Do you want to understand what are the main differences between the proctologist and urologist jobs so as not to make confusion when scheduling your next visit to the doctor? So, continue reading our article below!

How is the work of the proctologist

The medical professional with this background, also known as a coloproctologist, works to treat any conditions related to the small intestine, large intestine, anus and rectum.

Thus, it can be consulted both in the context of digestion, to address issues related to bowel movement, constipation and any intestinal ailments. As for the patient’s sexuality, he advises on anal sex and sexually transmitted diseases, STDs.

Diseases that a proctologist can diagnose

Most sought after by bowel diseases, the proctologist is the one who diagnoses and takes care of cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Chron’s disease, colitis and any others that can cause intestinal inflammation.

In addition, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, fistulas, intestinal bleeds, abscesses, polyps and fecal incontinence also come into its scope, as well as tumors and cancers of the intestine.

Anorectal ulcers resulting from sexually transmitted diseases, such as cases of HPV with condyloma in the anus, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, soft cancer and herpes are still examined and monitored by this specialist.

Proctological exams

You already have an appointment with the proctologist, but want to know what tests the professional can order from you after visiting the office? Meet some of them below.

Digital rectal examination

This examination is the main confounding factor between the work of proctologist and urologist, since both perform it, but with different purposes. In the case of the proctologist, the purpose is to find any wounds or changes in the anus.

In the consultation with the urologist , the goal is to diagnose tumors prematurely or modifications able to point out a case of cancer of the prostate. According to data from the National Cancer Institute, INCA, this is the second most common type of disease among men in Brazil. In 2018 alone, more than 68,000 new cases were diagnosed.

Video colonoscopy

The procedure helps to visualize the contents of the intestine in order to identify any wounds or changes. It uses a camera connected to the television monitor in which images of the small and large intestines are displayed.


Simpler than the previous one, performed in the proctologist’s own office, this exam allows visualization of the anal canal in order to detect lesions, condyloma, fissures and hemorrhoids.

How is the work of the urologist

Unlike the previous case, the performance of the urologist is related to the kidneys, bladder, ureters and any ills capable of impacting the genital system of men. That is, testicles, penis, prostate and vas deferens.

Not surprisingly, this specialist has a role, for men, analogous to that of gynecologists for women. This does not make him, however, indifferent to them, as he assists them in issues related to cystitis, incontinence and urinary infection.

In addition to the common doubt in the face of the differences between urologist and proctologist, another specialty with which there may also be confusion is that of the nephrologist, who deals with the ills concerning the kidneys. Each with their own duties.

Diseases that a urologist can diagnose

With regard to man’s sexual health, the urologist treats problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual impotence, phimosis, infertility and penile curvature, in addition to diagnosing and caring for cases of prostate cancer, as well as sexually transmitted diseases that can be identified in the penis.

In the case of the urinary tract, both men and women, discover cysts, tumors, urinary incontinence, overactive bladder and neurogenic bladder.

Urological tests

There is a wide variety of tests that the urologist requests, both performed in the office and in other laboratories, depending on the clinical condition of each patient. Meet some of the main ones below!


Procedure performed to visualize the bladder and urethra, in order to identify tumors, narrowing and inflammation in the patient.


Related to cases of infertility or sexual dysfunction, this test measures the amount of sperm presented by the patient


They evaluate factors such as urea, uric acid and creatinine, related to possible infections and diseases of the urinary tract. In a complementary way, you can also request a flow meter, which assesses the individual’s urine flow.

PSA assessment

For cases in which prostate cancer is suspected, this procedure identifies, by means of a blood test, the incidence of tumor material.

Importance of urologist for men’s health

Although there is a lot of prejudice among the male population when neglecting urological consultations, due to the embarrassment caused by exams such as touch, taking care of health is essential for them as much as for them.

In addition to ensuring that your patients have a healthy sex life, the urologist is the medical specialist responsible for preventing and raising awareness about the risks of prostate cancer. Not for nothing, campaigns like the November Blue appear as reinforcement to the cause.

The recommendation is that men over the age of 50 pay a visit to this professional, at least, once a year, in order to perform all preventive exams.

Thus, the risks of identifying cancer at an advanced stage are reduced. But you don’t have to wait for that age to have regular follow-up, right?

A good tip is to seek medical attention at affordable health clinics , such as PartMed , where you can perform a check-up, do your exams and prevent yourself with proper guidance.

Every care is important to have more quality of life and longevity. The importance, therefore, is the same for visits to the proctologist and urologist, since the human body is composed of different systems and your health is only complete when all work well, free of diseases


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