How Can We Prevent Suicide;3 Steps You Must Know

You must be thinking about Prevent Suicide; How can we prevent the tragedy of suicide? One approach is community suicide-prevention centers, which offer 24-hour services to people who are feeling suicidal. When people call the center, staff members try to assess the seriousness of their threats and establish a personal connection. Workers on such hotlines have specific goals in talking to callers: communicating empathy, conveying understanding, providing information on professional help, convincing the caller to agree to measures char will rake the caller a step away from the suicide, and providing hope that the crisis will end.

How Can We Prevent Suicide;3 Steps You Must Know

3 Steps You Must Know About How To Prevent Suicide

Another approach to preventing suicide is to make it harder to do. For instance, a fence was erected around the observation platform of the Empire State Building to foil one “popular” method of suicide. Physicians limit the number of sedative and antidepressant tablets prescribed at one time.And because firearms—especially handguns—are used in the majority of successful suicides, it has been suggested that the suicide rate might be reduced by enforcing stricter handgun laws.

Finally therapists urge people to pay attention to warning signals the hints that suicidal individuals often drop. Among these signals are indirect comments about the attraction of death, giving away treasured possessions, and marked personality changes. If you notice these signals in a friend or relative, ask him or her what is going on. If you suspect suicidal feelings, do your utmost to see that he or she gets professional help. Why prevent suicide? Why not let people decide for themselves when they have had enough of living.

People who attempt suicide often go on to lead happy, productive lives. Most people who attempt suicide don’t want to die and would not do so if they could find any other solution to their problems. Depression, which is often central in suicide, usually dissipates with time. A depressed person has a bleak view of the future and feels hopeless. But when the depression dissolves, so will the compulsion to commit suicide. “Suicide is a statement that the person wants our of what he views as an in- soluble dilemma.”The tragedy is that virtually every dilemma has a solution.’

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