Precautions you should know if you want to give birth to your baby at home

The time of delivery is always a delicate subject because there are many factors at stake . This is stated by professionals who are trained to attend births.

During the 9 months that a pregnancy lasts, it can be controlled in the public, private or home service , as the future parents decide. “Of course, it is necessary to carry out the pertinent controls that each professional and each system estimates, without skipping any and based on the document of the Ministry of Health of the strategy of care for normal childbirth,” says Isabel Durand, midwife of Primary Care.

In the third case, where the mother decides to have it at home, there are a series of criteria that must be taken into account from the beginning of the pregnancy, «since any circumstance that occurs during pregnancy and childbirth that the professional considers to be may jeopardize the integrity of the mother or baby , it will be a reason to refer him to the hospital. The general circumstances for the care of a delivery at home are that it be a term delivery, between week 37 and 42, single gestation (that is not multiple), cephalic presentation (it does not come from the buttocks ) and be low risk, stresses Durand .

Parents must choose this option freely and voluntarily and must be informed at all times of the evolution of their pregnancy and delivery.

Usual mechanism to have it at home

A woman and her partner decide to have their baby at home and get in contact with the different associations where professionals who attend this type of birth work, who are usually midwives. The profile of people who usually decide this option is very varied, from well-informed gilts with extensive knowledge of their body and breathing and relaxation techniques, to women who had their first child in hospital and want to try another option or simply the hospital delivery did not meet his expectations.

By being at home, and being a known environment, it is freer from stressors that can affect the normal evolution of labor . In addition, parents can choose which room to give birth: in their bed, in a chair, on a mat or in their bathtub.

The day they decide to have their baby at home the midwife of the association chosen by the parents (each province has the list of the associations that work in the care of home births), they will present themselves and offer the guidelines that all must follow. So that everything goes well and this delivery can be carried out, but among other options is that the midwife visit you 3-4 times during the pregnancy and that all the pertinent controls have been done in the hospital.

The parents will sign a kind of contract or history that will reflect the objectives and responsibilities of each party. And where are the criteria to carry out the delivery at home and when will he be referred to the hospital , either during pregnancy, or during any of the stages of delivery, if the midwife who assists him at home considers this, he says the specialist.

The figure of the doula

The midwife, who is hired will monitor the entire pregnancy from the beginning or, at least, from the second trimester , will assess the normal evolution of the pregnancy, will accompany and provide the necessary care so that the woman is well prepared, will attend the delivery When the time comes, notified directly by the woman, she will monitor the immediate postpartum period. If the mother so chooses, it will help her, support and follow the breastfeeding process and the mother’s bond with her baby.

Some midwives who attend childbirth at home may be accompanied by another figure who gives support and advice to the woman who is going to be a mother, who is known by the name of doula , but who is not a health professional. It can complement the action of a midwife, but never replace it.

In the event that a delivery came suddenly , even though the mother wants to have it in the hospital, it is important to call the emergency services, at 112. «You cannot be guided by knowledge of the film that a friend or neighbor ». The mother must have correct assistance through the emergency telephone number. Therefore, “it is essential that 112 professionals are well trained and trained to attend deliveries and I include the possibility of having a midwife in the future,” concludes Durand.


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