Positive Communication, the key in business and corporate communication

If we add a dose of creativity and a bag of optimism to the ABC of concrete, concise and effective communication, we will obtain the star dish that is necessary today, we speak of positive communication.

In a context like the current one, where everything happens in a fleeting way and in terms of immediacy, it is essential to innovate to improve our relationships and keep up-to-date.

Having a positive attitude is essential in these times and not only to keep teams motivated but also to build effective communication.

Before giving a few brushstrokes on the foundations on which professional psychology projects are built and seeing what techniques are used, we will review some of the key aspects that define a positive attitude:

  • Always keep an active listen.
  • Learn to give positive feedback .
  • Glimpse optimistic scenarios and keep an open mind.
  • Promote a resolving capacity.
  • See the glass half full.
  • Treat others the way we like to be treated.
  • Acknowledge achievements and applaud good ideas.
  • Praise good behavior.
  • Always share with a smile.

Attitude is behavior in a given circumstance or situation. For Marta Mirapeix, founder of ATTYTUDE, it is about turning every difficulty that life offers us into an opportunity for personal improvement. For this we will need to think optimistically, feel courageous and act with perseverance. And here comes communication as a key part of this whole process.

The way in which we speak to ourselves and to others, conditions our thoughts and these at the same time provoke our feelings, which will make us act in a certain way or another, being more or less positive. Learning to use positive internal and external language is essential for a positive attitude. The good news is that the attitude is trainable, you just need to know how to do it and practice.

Motivating is giving up the word and letting us express ourselves naturally; trusting ourselves and recognizing that what we know how to do well must be shared to be useful are some of the actions that Carlos Marcos tests in his in-company training.

For these psychology professionals, face-to-face communication is as necessary as working at the same level as verbal and non-verbal communication.

Psychology is a great ally of communication, thanks to studies and different applied techniques in this area, great changes can be obtained in learned behaviors that will allow us to improve communication skills. NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) is one of these techniques that help to transform learned behaviors that with practice we can improve.

by Abdullah Sam
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