The corporate communication sector resists the crisis caused by COVID-19

As highlighted by the Tech Sales Comunicación agency, corporate communication has been one of the sectors that is best resisting the crisis. And it is that communication, in these times more than ever, is essential for companies when it comes to generating business and maintaining their brand image and reputation

One of the sectors that are best fighting the consequences of the crisis caused by COVID-19, is that of the communication agencies sector. According to published data, in full alarm, 65% of companies opted to intensify their internal and external communication, and work on a digital strategy facing the outside world. Thus, Tech Sales Comunicación, the benchmark press office for startups, technology companies, entrepreneurs and companies, has experienced an increase in its turnover of 30% in the month of May, compared to the previous month. Similarly, the agency, in the course of the health crisis, has captured 25% more clients in relation to the previous year.

Know how to adapt

“It has been essential for us to know how to adapt to change effectively and offer our clients and newcomers a communication plan in line with their interests and at the time we were living,” explains Óscar Sánchez, founder of Tech Sales Comunicación . At this point, as highlighted by the company, the crisis has unleashed a greater need for companies to communicate and remain visible. The challenge was to know how to guide and bet on the most effective messages that made the media.

Not be left behind

In communication, and more in a moment of crisis like the current one, it is essential not to be left behind and not to let others occupy our position. Therefore, it is essential to launch strategic messages before the competition does and adapt communication in real time. “We have defined the messages of our clients in an evolutionary way and adapted to the specific moment. We live in a time of constant change ”says Sánchez.

Tech Sales Comunicación has been working from Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia and Zurich for the whole of Spain for more than ten years and continues betting on the press release as the way to reach companies to journalists. “For this reason, to all those companies that are not communicating at the moment, I would say to be encouraged. Every minute that passes they are losing customers because they do not make themselves known. Having an agency like Tech Sales will allow them to increase sales, increase commercial leads and reinforce their image and notoriety, “explains Sánchez.

This company with an entrepreneurial spirit is betting this 2020 on job creation and the reconciliation of work and family life among its workers. With 6 employees and more than 80 active clients (, MRW, Hoteles BESTPRICE, Voz Telecom, bnc10, Validated ID, Grupo SPEC or Tecnocampus), Tech Sales Comunicación has become a benchmark in the Press Office for startups, technology , entrepreneurs and companies looking for the best solution for Press Releases.  

Company founded in 2003 and leader in Spain in providing the services of Press Office and Press Release Sending . It offers drafting, sending and managing press releases in Spain, Europe, the United States and Latin America. It also carries out the management of media opportunities such as interviews, articles, monitoring of journalists, and making proposals to journalists, among others.

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